Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daybook Entry- April 1, 2012


Outside my window... sunny about 50 degrees, but it keeps looking like rain.

I am thinking... what should I clean first?

I am thankful... for my home on US soil- no better place to be.

In the kitchen... burgers on the grill- the schedule got a little mixed up this week.

I am wearing... black yoga pants a long sleeved grey tee- after church hang out clothes.

I am creating... some Easter decorations- we have none up yet and I can't find them in the clutter that is my basement.

I am going... back to church tonight for service and to watch them bring in the cross that will stay at the front of our sanctuary for the rest of holy week.

I am reading... too many books at once.

I am hoping... to get some things accomplished today so when I lay my head on my pillow tonight I feel good about what I've done.

I am looking forward to... the week ahead. Kids only have school for 3 days then they have a nice long break.

I am learning... to think before I speak- sounds easy enough, but when you are the "chatty" mommy it takes some work.

Around the house... who made this mess?

I am pondering... how I couldn't imaging being closer to anyone than my female cousins when I was younger and now we hardly get to talk. They are wonderful women.

A favorite quote for today... when the little guy came running in my room early this morning proclaiming, "Happy April Fools Day, Mama!" like it is a holiday he gets presents on.

One of my favorite things... My mom- she is simply the best.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Holy Week at church- service every night at 7- I will attend as many as I can. Would love to take the kids to check out the beach soon.

A peek into my day... grilled cheese sandwiches, cleaning, hanging out and dinner in time for church tonight.

a picture to share:
Daddy hid the barbies way up high above the curtains.

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