Wednesday, March 7, 2012

appSmitten- You Might Want to Check It Out

So, I am not sure if I have told you before but,
I do not have an iphone like it seems the rest of the world does!
I was adamant that I did not need to add another $30 a month to our budget. I mean, have you seen the price of food....
But I digress...

Now I would love to have one.
And maybe when it is time for me to upgrade, I will.
We'll see if I am good this year. wink.

But, the husband and a ton of other people I know have one. Or they have an android or
the ipad.

There is a new way to find all the cool apps for your "toys".
It's called appSmitten.

And now that I signed up, I can will receive emails keeping me up to date on all the latest and greatest apps so I can tell the husband.
They even keep you up to date on all the apps kids love too.

About appSmitten:

*appSmitten hand-selects the best apps and sends recommendations directly to people's inboxes

*appSmitten focuses on finding the apps that are worth downloading - the ones that will keep you organized, entertained and productive

*There are over 1 million apps out there and finding the best ones is like finding a needle in a haystack so appSmitten is doing it for you.

*appSmitten is a free newsletter that covers the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

*appSmitten offers bite-sized app recommendations from a trusted source so you don't have to go hunting to find good apps.

Sounds like fun?
Sign up here.
All you have to do is enter your email address.

And so we have full disclosure- I will receive a small payment for every person who signs up. All the more reason for you to sign up, mmkay?

And just so we are clear- remember it's free, people.

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  1. I don't have one either. But I don't want one. It is just one more thing to pay on.


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