Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M.I.A. and WILW

Sorry I have been absent.
Just busy with life and my mind is racing lately.
So many thoughts.

The kids have off this week. Which I am loving. It is so nice to not have a schedule and the weather has been pretty nice. They are happy and enjoying it. I might have to make chocolate chip pancakes everyday, but it's still going to be a great week.

This week I have been keeping up with a woman named Sharlie who has received a double lung and heart transplant due to complications of Cystic Fibrosis. I do not know her, but from what I have read, she seems pretty amazing.
You can read about her on facebook here.
How did I find her?
From her friend Jessica: read her blog here.

And on another blog I read regularly, you can read about Lindsey and her husband's awesome missions trip to India- the pictures are amazing. Check her out here. You might have to scroll down past her "What I Wore Wednesday" post, another thing I always say I am going to do, but haven't yet.

And wonder why my mind is racing- well, it is in part to a book I am reading.

It is pretty great. Yes, I know, another declutter book. But, Unstuff: Making Room in Your Life for What Really Matters is super easy to read and really gets to the heart of the matter.

It got me thinking about all the stuff I have in my closet. If I am not wearing it, why not give it to someone who can use it? I know I have thought of that before, but now I am thinking- am I holding back a blessing by just letting the stuff hang in there while someone is in need?

Now, I am sure you know what is coming...
When the kids go back to school, I feel a purge coming on.
I have to get stuff out of this house.
Recently, I got rid of 7 garbage bags of toys and stuff from the boys' room- imagine what I can get out of the rest of the house?

Except, I am thinking I can keep the Mudd jeans with the frayed hem and bleach stain on the thigh from my first year of college- I am so going to wear those again (err, if I can get them on) and really would anyone be able to appreciate the beauty of those babies?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
They can stay safely in the basement- but everything else is going.

Now to tell the kids that I am getting rid of those webkinz they thought were so great......

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Finally! I missed you. Didn't have anything to read at work. Just cleaned out Lexi's room; several bag tossed out there, too. Did part of my closet right before Christmas. Nice to know someone else can use the clothes, and incentive to not gain back the weight! ;-)

  2. Missed you! :) I should read that book. We've been doing lots of decluttering with baby #4 coming, but I could do more.


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