Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, a little different this year with the kids going to public school. I think last year we made about 22 total on the heart crayons. And this year, 50!
It doesn't seem so bad until you are frantically trying to unwrap broken crayons- not fun and rather hard to do.
We did it all day Sunday after church and then some more late last night.
But, lo and behold, they are finished.
The 2 "middles" both have their bags ready to go-

ok, not completely ready -we had to wait to bag the last 4, because they were still cooling down after we made them late at night.

And the kids so went to bed late to finish up- I know you are shocked, right?

Instead of joining in on the gazillion people looking for just the right card at target, I swooped in a grabbed a value pack- so what if the 5 people I love so much get the same card with little ants on it. Love is love people and I just wasn't feeling making the cards this year- maybe I would of been more inclined to had the thought of my refund check wasn't on my mind.
And hey- who can beat 8 cards for only $4.99?
PS- 3 out of the 5 of you will be getting the same card next year!

And usually I try to bake something- like butter cookies or homemade chocolate, but again- just wasn't feeling it. So, too much money spent on small gifts instead! The husband got rainbow cookies though. I was thinking chocolates- but Target was out! And I thought he would like his favorite cookie better. Next year I might try my hand at making them. We'll see.

So, enjoy your day- check out my Valentine's day post from last year here.
I think I like that one better- just sayin.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I'm just impressed that you did anything at all :) My kids are still little and don't know what's going on, so I did nothing. Mom of the year, right here :/

  2. I love rainbow cookies. My sister has made them and they aren't too difficult ;)
    I made a mad dash through CVS last night and found chocolates for everyone. I still haven't found the right card for hubby so looks like I will have to make one.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Hey...it's been a week since you blogged...what's up with that? ;)


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