Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Crazy Mama and Lilly the Mouse

I took the little guy to the library the other day and he saw a picture of a little girl and Curious George. He wanted to see a book character too.
I asked the librarian and was told George wouldn't be coming soon, but Lilly would.
Now I had read the books to my girls when they were younger, but being a girl book, never to my sons.
So we read Lilly's Big Day the night before to get ready to meet Lilly.
I woke up early with the husband and then remembering the kids have off from school, I went back to sleep. We all woke up late, made pancakes, took showers and started to rush. I called the library to make sure Lilly would be there till 11:30am and we raced off to the library. We pulled into the parking lot only to discover it was full and had to use the extra parking lot.

Me and the 4 kids run into the library and get into the children's section by 11:25.

I need to stop here and tell you that I am wearing a nice black shirt that I knew I would wear for work later with 2 big chunky silver necklaces hoping to downplay the empire waist top hoping it looked more cool than "lady who is not pregnant wearing a maternity shirt". With this I paired some old jeans, nikes and a hooded vest jacket that doesn't zipper because it broke after wearing it twice- and to think I paid $5 for it.
Pair this with wet hair I quickly put back and no make-up! Very attractive. Well, who cares about attractive- I kind of looked like a crazy mom.

When we arrive, I ask (completely out of breath because I just ran people!) where is Lilly.
"Oh, you just missed her", they say.
Now I tried to school myself. I need to be nice I told myself. And I was, but my face might of betrayed my attempt at being kind.
So, I tried to kindly explain how it wasn't 11:30 yet and we had raced to see Lilly.
They apologized and were very nice, but I am guessing I looked like a mad mommy. We went into the play area and the kids picked out a zillion more books, some dvds, a leapster game and a wii game and the librarian came back to me.

Could we possibly wait 10 minutes and Lilly would be back?
Now I felt bad.
So I quickly turn to the kids and tell them get ready to take a picture with Lilly.

"We don't want to", they tell me.

"Of course you do", I say through my clenched teeth.

And by the time Lilly came back I got a couple of them to agree to pictures.
My eldest just looked at me- I figured I would let her slide this time.

We then hit the eye doctor, the sneaker store, the toy store and back home to get dinner ready so I could leave for work.

And the whole time I did these things I wrote an apology letter in my head to the librarians in the children's department.
Will I ever learn?

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  1. My daughter loved those books when she was little. Don't feel bad we all have those days.

  2. The librarians in our children's department are really great here too! They are very helpful and kind...even to the homeschoolers :)


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