Friday, February 10, 2012

Am I a Working Mom?

I have always "worked",since I was about 11.
My jobs starting at 11:
  • I washed cars
  • started a tie dye tee shirt business
  • Babysat (I have done from 12 to currently)
  • Worked at a local ice cream store
  • worked at Genovese(now Rite Aid)
  • sold furniture at This End Up (now out of business)
  • Sold Avon
  • small summer job at an accounting office
  • Currently at a dental office part time

I enjoy working. I like making money.
But, when we had our first child, I stayed home.
Not because we had planned it that way.

We were young and really never planned out what we would do and what roles we would take on.
I didn't make enough money at my furniture job to have someone watch our daughter and we didn't have anyone to watch her, so I stayed home.

And so it has always been.

I have always made some source of money.
Babysitting mostly.
I think I have babysat at least 40 different kids from the time I was 12 up till today.

I currently babysit for 3 different families at all different times and I work part time at a dental office. I also make a small amount of money from the advertisement on this blog. And if I have time, I list and sell things on ebay.

So, yeah, I guess that makes me somewhat of a "working mom".

I am thinking there might be a time in my near future when I will work more outside the home.
The little guy is not so little anymore.

This is both exciting and sad.

Also, how do working moms do it?
How will I keep up with the laundry and get kids off the bus and cook meals and do homework and....

For now, I am thrilled to say I have and am for the most part a stay at home mom.

How about you?
Do you work outside the home?

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  1. Hi there! I used to work outside the home full-time as a mother of 4. My kids at the time ranged in age from 3 - 16. To answer how do moms who work outside the home keep up... well for me, I didn't. Every weekend was consumed with playing catch up. I was tired and cranky every evening and if my kids didn't pitch in and do their chores, I would get overwhelmed. BUT, when the whole family stepped up and helped out, it wasn't so bad. That really is key.

    Found you through Create With Joy's Friendship Friday hop. HOpe you will stop by my blog and say hi.

  2. Working mom here, but you know that. And it's hard. You think you're going to catch up on the weekends, but you just want to enjoy your family. It definitely helps when everyone pitches in, but let's face it, the moms really do more than anyone else, working outside the home or not. We all have our struggles and do our best to keep going. :-)


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