Monday, February 6, 2012

The 3rd Grade Spelling Bee

the little redhead with the red bow is mine.

I'll try to make this short, but I am a proud Mama, so that's gonna be rough!

My daughter had spelling words on a list to practice for an upcoming spelling bee. We knew it was right up her alley, so I encouraged her to study- but did she? ...... nope. The school was picking 2 winners from each 3rd grade class and then they would compete against each other in a spelling bee "superbowl".

I left my Friday open in case she won- you know, because my life is soooo busy- wink ;)
I tried to get her to study and we did, but not a lot.
I then tried to prep her that she could lose and to congratulate the other kids that did.
"I won't lose", she told me, but not in a proud way.
Just in a it is what it is, kinda way.

I was worried that she would cry in school.
My eldest tells me, "Mom, let her learn the lesson- we told her to study and she didn't want to- if she doesn't get it, she will learn for next time".
I thought there was wisdom in that, although a little harsh.

But then the oldest adds, "But you know what will happen, Mom- she will win anyway and never learn the lesson".
Always good for a laugh those tweens.

And sure enough she won in her class last Thursday!
And she had a great attitude about the "superbowl". She didn't mind losing because she couldn't be sure how good the other kids were.

Friday comes and as the spelling bee continues, my stomach is in knots- she could actually win this thing!

I can't believe the stress of it- never felt that way for myself while competing in something, but for my kid- different story.

Well, it was a lot of fun and in the end?
She got 2nd place!

The word she got wrong- t-i-d-y!
She spelled it t-i-g-h-t-y.

This tiny word is her nemesis- believe me I know- just take a look at her room!
She was excited- real excited.

Who beat her?
A little boy whose aunt I was friendly with in school that always beat me in grades- lol.

But he was good- got to give it to him.
There is always next year!
And my daughter wasn't real interested in the giftcard to Applebees anyway. Now if it were squinkies, that would of been a whole different scenario.

And speaking of winners, the winner of the Valentine's crayons is Eisley Rae! Shoot me an email with your address, Eisley. Congrats.

And Congrats to the New York Giants on winning the Superbowl! (though I only watched halftime)

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  1. That sounds like how my son would spell something. I makes sense! :)

  2. First of all, a big congrats to the smart speller! Second of all...I love that bow! Did you make it?


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