Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Ways You Know You Are Addicted To Food

10. You eat your slice of pizza consumed with thoughts of the next slice.

9..You almost eat a handful of potpourri because it came in a bag that looked like a candy bag at work.

8. You almost do the potpourri thing again because you forgot from the last time you worked.

7. You wait and see if your husband is going to finish his meal, because you are praying he doesn't.

6. You are definitely eating your kids' leftovers!

5. One bowl of cereal is never enough.

4. You think about all gatherings in terms of what meals will be served.

3. You make more food than necessary for every party and holiday, knowing you will eat it.

2. You can not watch TV without noshing on something.

and number 1:

You eat quietly when your husband is sleeping so he doesn't know you are eating chips and dip at 11 pm!

Ah ... sweet food... my only vice.... I think it is time to put you to rest!

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  1. Oops ;) The potpourri comment almost made me gag. I am with you on the pizza and cereal answers.

  2. This makes me laugh. Especially the potpourri thing :)


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