Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nutrisystem- Where I'm At...

So, yes I am still on Nutrisystem!
I just received my new food and I am excited!

I was getting lazy about ordering this past month and I am paying for it.
I am ready to begin again and start fresh.
With this new start, Nutrisystem has also made some changes.
They now have whey protein shakes in 4 different flavors- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and coffee.
I tried out the vanilla one today-
Pretty yummy and a great appetite suppressant without having to sit down and eat something.
(Check out my new coca-cola glass my neighbor bought me a dollar tree!)
The shakes came with a shaker cup (BPA free of course) with a round whisk ball.
I just added ice and cold water, popped the whisk in and shook it up.
Very easy and fast.
I also received the strawberry, so I will let you know how that one is as well.

I have to cut out snacking after 7- it is just not helping me at all.

And I plan on sticking to the Nutrisystem plan this time around.

I have been pretty consistent with my classes at the gym.

I will keep on keepin' on!

Until next time....

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting (

Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Crazy Mama and Lilly the Mouse

I took the little guy to the library the other day and he saw a picture of a little girl and Curious George. He wanted to see a book character too.
I asked the librarian and was told George wouldn't be coming soon, but Lilly would.
Now I had read the books to my girls when they were younger, but being a girl book, never to my sons.
So we read Lilly's Big Day the night before to get ready to meet Lilly.
I woke up early with the husband and then remembering the kids have off from school, I went back to sleep. We all woke up late, made pancakes, took showers and started to rush. I called the library to make sure Lilly would be there till 11:30am and we raced off to the library. We pulled into the parking lot only to discover it was full and had to use the extra parking lot.

Me and the 4 kids run into the library and get into the children's section by 11:25.

I need to stop here and tell you that I am wearing a nice black shirt that I knew I would wear for work later with 2 big chunky silver necklaces hoping to downplay the empire waist top hoping it looked more cool than "lady who is not pregnant wearing a maternity shirt". With this I paired some old jeans, nikes and a hooded vest jacket that doesn't zipper because it broke after wearing it twice- and to think I paid $5 for it.
Pair this with wet hair I quickly put back and no make-up! Very attractive. Well, who cares about attractive- I kind of looked like a crazy mom.

When we arrive, I ask (completely out of breath because I just ran people!) where is Lilly.
"Oh, you just missed her", they say.
Now I tried to school myself. I need to be nice I told myself. And I was, but my face might of betrayed my attempt at being kind.
So, I tried to kindly explain how it wasn't 11:30 yet and we had raced to see Lilly.
They apologized and were very nice, but I am guessing I looked like a mad mommy. We went into the play area and the kids picked out a zillion more books, some dvds, a leapster game and a wii game and the librarian came back to me.

Could we possibly wait 10 minutes and Lilly would be back?
Now I felt bad.
So I quickly turn to the kids and tell them get ready to take a picture with Lilly.

"We don't want to", they tell me.

"Of course you do", I say through my clenched teeth.

And by the time Lilly came back I got a couple of them to agree to pictures.
My eldest just looked at me- I figured I would let her slide this time.

We then hit the eye doctor, the sneaker store, the toy store and back home to get dinner ready so I could leave for work.

And the whole time I did these things I wrote an apology letter in my head to the librarians in the children's department.
Will I ever learn?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

Hey - how is your week going?
Mine is great.
Love having the kids home.
We have had a ton of friends over, a little "friend" birthday for the little guy and getting some errands done.
Possible contacts on the horizon for the eldest.
New sneakers for someone who wears theirs our way too fast. We went for twinkle toes, but apparently someone is too nervous that the older kids will make fun of her light up sneakers- so sad.
So back to the store for an exchange for the original Nikes mom wanted in the first place.
We have to look into some science projects that aren't mandatory, but fun nonetheless says the mom who will probably stay up all night the night before the science fair finishing up loose ends.
Have big plans I need to write down for when the kiddos go back to school next week- serious declutter- I really mean it this time- lol.
And we are big time looking forward to spring and summer- it was over 60 today- woo hoo!

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Don't Know How...

...this little guy who always seemed
so little, turned into
this big boy who turned a whole year older and will be ready for pre-school next year. Time flies when you're having fun.
So sad though.
Our last baby is big.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M.I.A. and WILW

Sorry I have been absent.
Just busy with life and my mind is racing lately.
So many thoughts.

The kids have off this week. Which I am loving. It is so nice to not have a schedule and the weather has been pretty nice. They are happy and enjoying it. I might have to make chocolate chip pancakes everyday, but it's still going to be a great week.

This week I have been keeping up with a woman named Sharlie who has received a double lung and heart transplant due to complications of Cystic Fibrosis. I do not know her, but from what I have read, she seems pretty amazing.
You can read about her on facebook here.
How did I find her?
From her friend Jessica: read her blog here.

And on another blog I read regularly, you can read about Lindsey and her husband's awesome missions trip to India- the pictures are amazing. Check her out here. You might have to scroll down past her "What I Wore Wednesday" post, another thing I always say I am going to do, but haven't yet.

And wonder why my mind is racing- well, it is in part to a book I am reading.

It is pretty great. Yes, I know, another declutter book. But, Unstuff: Making Room in Your Life for What Really Matters is super easy to read and really gets to the heart of the matter.

It got me thinking about all the stuff I have in my closet. If I am not wearing it, why not give it to someone who can use it? I know I have thought of that before, but now I am thinking- am I holding back a blessing by just letting the stuff hang in there while someone is in need?

Now, I am sure you know what is coming...
When the kids go back to school, I feel a purge coming on.
I have to get stuff out of this house.
Recently, I got rid of 7 garbage bags of toys and stuff from the boys' room- imagine what I can get out of the rest of the house?

Except, I am thinking I can keep the Mudd jeans with the frayed hem and bleach stain on the thigh from my first year of college- I am so going to wear those again (err, if I can get them on) and really would anyone be able to appreciate the beauty of those babies?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
They can stay safely in the basement- but everything else is going.

Now to tell the kids that I am getting rid of those webkinz they thought were so great......

Happy Wednesday!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, a little different this year with the kids going to public school. I think last year we made about 22 total on the heart crayons. And this year, 50!
It doesn't seem so bad until you are frantically trying to unwrap broken crayons- not fun and rather hard to do.
We did it all day Sunday after church and then some more late last night.
But, lo and behold, they are finished.
The 2 "middles" both have their bags ready to go-

ok, not completely ready -we had to wait to bag the last 4, because they were still cooling down after we made them late at night.

And the kids so went to bed late to finish up- I know you are shocked, right?

Instead of joining in on the gazillion people looking for just the right card at target, I swooped in a grabbed a value pack- so what if the 5 people I love so much get the same card with little ants on it. Love is love people and I just wasn't feeling making the cards this year- maybe I would of been more inclined to had the thought of my refund check wasn't on my mind.
And hey- who can beat 8 cards for only $4.99?
PS- 3 out of the 5 of you will be getting the same card next year!

And usually I try to bake something- like butter cookies or homemade chocolate, but again- just wasn't feeling it. So, too much money spent on small gifts instead! The husband got rainbow cookies though. I was thinking chocolates- but Target was out! And I thought he would like his favorite cookie better. Next year I might try my hand at making them. We'll see.

So, enjoy your day- check out my Valentine's day post from last year here.
I think I like that one better- just sayin.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Did You Celebrate...

the 100th day of school?
More than halfway till summer vacation.
Yeah, baby!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Am I a Working Mom?

I have always "worked",since I was about 11.
My jobs starting at 11:
  • I washed cars
  • started a tie dye tee shirt business
  • Babysat (I have done from 12 to currently)
  • Worked at a local ice cream store
  • worked at Genovese(now Rite Aid)
  • sold furniture at This End Up (now out of business)
  • Sold Avon
  • small summer job at an accounting office
  • Currently at a dental office part time

I enjoy working. I like making money.
But, when we had our first child, I stayed home.
Not because we had planned it that way.

We were young and really never planned out what we would do and what roles we would take on.
I didn't make enough money at my furniture job to have someone watch our daughter and we didn't have anyone to watch her, so I stayed home.

And so it has always been.

I have always made some source of money.
Babysitting mostly.
I think I have babysat at least 40 different kids from the time I was 12 up till today.

I currently babysit for 3 different families at all different times and I work part time at a dental office. I also make a small amount of money from the advertisement on this blog. And if I have time, I list and sell things on ebay.

So, yeah, I guess that makes me somewhat of a "working mom".

I am thinking there might be a time in my near future when I will work more outside the home.
The little guy is not so little anymore.

This is both exciting and sad.

Also, how do working moms do it?
How will I keep up with the laundry and get kids off the bus and cook meals and do homework and....

For now, I am thrilled to say I have and am for the most part a stay at home mom.

How about you?
Do you work outside the home?

I am linking up to Kelly's SUYL.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

One of those weeks...
Haven't been to the gym..
Car problems... the good ole minivan needed a water pump and thank God it was under warranty and we only had to pay the deductible.
And then I wasn't feeling good, then my daughter....
Had to cancel the brunch I was planning.
But you know what?
It was still a great week.
(Maybe my thighs tell a different story...wink)

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BHBC- The Weird Sisters... a book review

I read The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown this week.
It was different than most books I read.
I am usually a Amish Christian Romance reader with some biographies and self help books tossed in.
But, I figured I would branch out and read Brown's book.
It was about 3 sisters and their lives together and separate.

I am always thinking about my kids and if they will be close when they get older. I pray that they will, but ultimately, it is not my decision.

The sisters in this novel were not close at all and yet they were.
They didn't involve each other in their day in and day out lives, but they knew so much about each other from growing up together.
Even though they were completely different people, no one could take away the memories of their childhood from them.
This made them closer- they knew how to read each other and when something was affecting one of them.

What was different about the book was the way they always quoted Shakespeare. It was kind of lost on my because I did read a Shakespeare book every year from 7th grade till 12th grade, but it seems so long ago.
The girls' father was a Shakespeare professor and both of their parents raised them in an unorthodox way.

This book had its tender moments, was a quick read and was generally okay, but I don't know that I would recommend it.
It was a little out of my comfort zone. I think I might stick to the amish romance novels.

Have you read The Weird Sisters?
Want to hear from others who have?
Check out the blogher book club here.

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This is a paid book review, but the ideas expressed are my own.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nutrisystem- Inspiration

Today is a non-weigh in week.
I decided that I will weigh in every other week.
I know- I keep changing the rules.
My blog- my rules.

And I wasn't able to go to the gym yesterday to weigh in.
I was dizzy- completely dizzy- that ever happen to you?
I think I must have some kind of cold in my sinus area.
Who knows?

I just spent about 5 full minutes trying to find a picture of a lady on saw on TV while waiting for the minivan to be fixed for 3 hours the other day at Chrysler.
I never really watch daytime TV, but I saw a woman on the Today show that lost over 100 pounds.
I can't find a picture of her, but she decided she wanted to get healthy and disciplined herself to lose weight. She lost over 100 pounds in about a year and a half.

I need that discipline.
I am praying for that discipline.
I will continue to pray for the discipline to get healthy (and to feel great in a pair of jeans- just sayin) and make better choices.

I will read more on the Nutrisystem site and educate myself.

If you want to read about more Nutrisystem bloggers and are on twitter- type in the hashtag, #nsnation.

Reading about others is inspiring and gives you the feeling that we are all in this together. Even though I am pretty sure you weren't there when I was trying to find a tasty snack the other night!

Until next week....

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting (

Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's That Time Again- Cha- Ching

Ah, tax refund time.
The poor man's best friend.

This is my "please let me buy it" list:

tea pot

new mattresses for girls (they have those bunkbed ones and they are terrible)

file cabinet- getting organized in 2012 (do I say that every year?)

workout clothes (I know I said I would wait till I lose another 10 pounds, but it is hard taking the step class and trying to retie my old sweats at the same time!

curtains for my room

paint for my room, the kitchen, the living room...

a bathroom redo

a dustbuster (do people still use those?- thought it might be helpful in getting the kids more involved.)

new couch and loveseat or a sectional (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)

new cesspools (if you don't have to deal with these- you are blessed- more of the "high" life of Long Island)

some kind of closet organization for me and the husband

nightstand for our younger daughter

a vacation

and the list goes on....

and I am sure the husband has a list that contradicts this list,

but why not write it down anyway?

What about you?
Have any big plans for your tax return?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The 3rd Grade Spelling Bee

the little redhead with the red bow is mine.

I'll try to make this short, but I am a proud Mama, so that's gonna be rough!

My daughter had spelling words on a list to practice for an upcoming spelling bee. We knew it was right up her alley, so I encouraged her to study- but did she? ...... nope. The school was picking 2 winners from each 3rd grade class and then they would compete against each other in a spelling bee "superbowl".

I left my Friday open in case she won- you know, because my life is soooo busy- wink ;)
I tried to get her to study and we did, but not a lot.
I then tried to prep her that she could lose and to congratulate the other kids that did.
"I won't lose", she told me, but not in a proud way.
Just in a it is what it is, kinda way.

I was worried that she would cry in school.
My eldest tells me, "Mom, let her learn the lesson- we told her to study and she didn't want to- if she doesn't get it, she will learn for next time".
I thought there was wisdom in that, although a little harsh.

But then the oldest adds, "But you know what will happen, Mom- she will win anyway and never learn the lesson".
Always good for a laugh those tweens.

And sure enough she won in her class last Thursday!
And she had a great attitude about the "superbowl". She didn't mind losing because she couldn't be sure how good the other kids were.

Friday comes and as the spelling bee continues, my stomach is in knots- she could actually win this thing!

I can't believe the stress of it- never felt that way for myself while competing in something, but for my kid- different story.

Well, it was a lot of fun and in the end?
She got 2nd place!

The word she got wrong- t-i-d-y!
She spelled it t-i-g-h-t-y.

This tiny word is her nemesis- believe me I know- just take a look at her room!
She was excited- real excited.

Who beat her?
A little boy whose aunt I was friendly with in school that always beat me in grades- lol.

But he was good- got to give it to him.
There is always next year!
And my daughter wasn't real interested in the giftcard to Applebees anyway. Now if it were squinkies, that would of been a whole different scenario.

And speaking of winners, the winner of the Valentine's crayons is Eisley Rae! Shoot me an email with your address, Eisley. Congrats.

And Congrats to the New York Giants on winning the Superbowl! (though I only watched halftime)

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Ways You Know You Are Addicted To Food

10. You eat your slice of pizza consumed with thoughts of the next slice.

9..You almost eat a handful of potpourri because it came in a bag that looked like a candy bag at work.

8. You almost do the potpourri thing again because you forgot from the last time you worked.

7. You wait and see if your husband is going to finish his meal, because you are praying he doesn't.

6. You are definitely eating your kids' leftovers!

5. One bowl of cereal is never enough.

4. You think about all gatherings in terms of what meals will be served.

3. You make more food than necessary for every party and holiday, knowing you will eat it.

2. You can not watch TV without noshing on something.

and number 1:

You eat quietly when your husband is sleeping so he doesn't know you are eating chips and dip at 11 pm!

Ah ... sweet food... my only vice.... I think it is time to put you to rest!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

We have had a nice week- busy as usual- but nice.
And today some excitement!
My 3rd grader was one of the top 2 spellers in her class!
They had a mini-spelling bee and tomorrow she will complete with the other top spellers in the 3rd grade.
We get to go and watch her- she is over the moon excited.
I will post some pics this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?

Don't forget about this giveaway with super low entries!

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5. Family friendly only and HAVE FUN!

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February 2, 2012- Daybook Entry


Outside my window... dark and silent- it's early.

I am thinking... I need to declutter my room.

I am thankful... for my kids and the husband always.

In the kitchen... enchiladas for dinner- very easy recipe on the can (that's right I said can- some of us still use them sometimes).

I am wearing... Lavendar pjs- what? I told you it is still early.

I am creating... nothing at the moment- but I did make these.

I am going... to a friend's house today.

I am wondering... how I will get everything done.

I am reading... a book that I need to review on my blog. and my bible.

I am hoping... the kids stay healthy.

I am looking forward to... the kids' winter recess.

I am learning... to have more patience.

Around the house... there is a whole lot of wash that needs folding.

I am pondering... what I will feed the kids for breakfast?

A favorite quote for today... choose joy!

One of my favorite things... classes at the gym, friends and the kids laughing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: weekend babysitting, a family birthday and just enjoying each other.

A peek into my day...
Our new bed! I love it! We decided on a grey set from Target. Was thinking about some light blue throw pillows as well, but throw pillows are so much work when you want to go to bed and need to put them somewhere- might just leave it like this for awhile.

I am linking up to the Simple Woman's Daybook.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Crayons- {giveaway}

Have you tried making these yet?
We made them last year and are making them again this year to hand out in the kids' classes for Valentine's day.

They are pretty easy. Unwrap all those broken crayons you have laying around (maybe it's just my house?) and put them into a silicon cupcake mold.

Bake on a cookie sheet in a 225 oven until melted. Take them out of the oven and then let them cool. When cool, pop out of the mold.

The color possibilities are endless and the kids love to color with them.

You can give them as gifts or just use them for a fun craft day.

Want to win 6 individually wrapped heart crayons?

Leave me a comment here telling me your favorite thing about Valentine's Day.

Extra entries:
Follow this blog.
Follow me on twitter.
Like me on Facebook.

Leave a separate comment for each entry.

I will pick a winner Monday morning and mail out asap.
U.S. only please.


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