Monday, January 23, 2012

A Snowy Saturday

We woke up on Saturday to snow. Now, remember I don't like snow or the cold.
But, I do love my kids.
So, after breakfast, they dressed warmly while I went through our basement looking for snowpants, boots and other warm items that fit.
We got dressed as quickly as we could, packed our sleds

and went sledding! We went to this mountain we found a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun.
Then it got crowded and we left.

So for a couple of hours of fun, I can do some serious laundry and found any warm spot around the house to lay our coats and snow pants.

They had a great time and I hope they always remember the things we did together.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. We went sledding too. Towards the end the freezing rain/sleet was pelting me in the face though. Hubby and the kids went again yesterday but I stayed home. We have to take advantage of snow whenever we can :)

  2. I'm so jealous...I WANT SNOW!!! :)


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