Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview with A First Grader (who just happens to be mine)

sometimes he is a serious cowboy

I am really good at: Reading
I like to: Read
My favorite thing to learn at school: Art
1 person who makes me laugh: Darius
One word that describes me: Good
I am really happy when: I get a 100 on my test.
I am really sad when: Somebody dies.
My favorite book: Fire Bunnies
My favorite TV show: Danger Rangers
My favorite vacation: Christmas vacation
I like school when: When we take a spelling test.
I don't like school when: We have to take a pre-test.
My favorite season: Summer
My favorite toy: Rescue Heroes
My worst nightmare: Witches.
Things that make me mad: When I don't get a good spelling grade.
Favorite sport: Baseball.
I like my Dad because: He plays legos with me.
I like my Mom because: She does crafts with me.
I like my family because: We spend time together.

I got this idea from Clover Lane.

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  1. What a cute idea. He loves his family! :-)

  2. Just found you through the social parade at Smart & Trendy moms! Subscribed via RSS!

  3. Adorable & a bit heartbreaking (I am really sad when: Somebody dies). I love the photo!


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