Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decorating the Bedroom

gray bedding from westelm

Maybe you remember this post?
And maybe you don't.

But, if you don't feel like clicking over- I will let you know what went down.

We have had a full size bed for the first 12 years of marriage and last spring, we bought a KING!

In the post I hinted about us getting rid of the full and getting something great.

planned on doing a follow-up post with a picture of our awesome bed with a beautiful bedspread on it.
A fresh coat of paint would of been great too.


then as usual, life happened.

Couldn't decide on a bedspread.
The husband is anti-flower- surprise, surprise.
I don't like comforters, but would rather a quilt.
Something amish or shabby chic would be great, but again- the husband.

Then we just let it go, cause the kids need things, we need stuff for the house and oh yeah- everyone here has come accustomed to eating on a regular basis.

What is on our bed, you might ask?
We did buy king sheets right away- man, can those things break the bank!
But, we use our own microfiber fleeces. Yeah, that has romance written all over it.
The husband has a slanket he loves and I am using a fleece that is pretty much made of the most hideous colors.
On top of this, we have a full size jcpenney reversible blue/ light blue comforter.
You know the kind that every college freshman should have.

Then along comes my mom who purchases a beautiful matelasse coverlet with shams for us for Christmas.
I love the color, but I feel like it is going to get stained.

So we return it and now are trying to find the quilt of our dreams- well, I am, but the husband usually just says, get whatever you want- I don't care.

For anyone newly married or just not fully understanding the husband- this translates to "Just choose- I am sick of hearing about it- but you better not get anything with flowers or a print I don't like.- no pressure."

I can't wait for our bed to look like an adult's bed.
But I need a little help.
I have my heart set on painting light blue, but can't decide on the bedding.
Which would you choose?

Isaac Mizrahi bedding from QVC.
This might be a little too busy, but I love it.

Stripes from
Not sure about this being too masculine.

More stripes from
Is this too young?

What would you pick- or do you have any suggestions?

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  1. Totally depends on the look you are going for in your room. There are some really lovely quilts out there but your color scheme and overall look come into play quite a bit.

    Muted pastels you'll want to go with something like Laura Ashley:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=3633c280594f0c53&ix=heb&biw=1366&bih=667

    More striped, modern and more bold Steve Madden:

    JCpenny actually has a wide selection of quilts to choose from.

  2. I totally understand about the husband thing - have you looked at stripes or geometric prints?

  3. My favorite of the 3 is #2. OR, you could come visit me in Amish country & we could find you an awesome quilt!

  4. If your going to paint the room a light blue, I would go with the brown comforter. Brown and blue look great together.

  5. I bought a couple of nice quilts from Kohls. Hubby says he doesn't like flowers either, so I have one that's green and tan/brown squares, and one that's creamy colored with tiny blue flowers spaced out a lot. He seems ok with them. I like the grey, the 2nd one is busy, the brown is masculine, but you could probably dress it up with some frilly pillows. I don't think the blue stripes are too young, I like that one. Have fun shopping! :-)

  6. Love, love, love #2! Good luck!

  7. Of your 3 choices, I like option #2!

  8. How about something like this:

    Good luck! We had the same conversation about dining room rugs recently. :)

  9. I also like number 2 out of the 3. We did light blue in the master and I love the color. We did our bedding in a white quilt. It is a true white and can be bleached if need be.


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