Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wilw- free stuff

Have you ever gone to the Home Depot Kids Workshop? Well, if not, check it out.
It's Free!
The kids get all they need to build their project and there is a station to paint it after you build it.
They also provide the kids with an apron and they get a pin for completing the project.

They do it on the first Saturday of the month.
The best part this month, is it was an item we can definitely give out as a gift.
That means 4 kids, 4 gifts we can give out for free!

The kids really enjoyed themselves despite the picture of my son's eyes in the picture below.

When leaving, they also got a coloring page, a certificate and a candy cane. I would show you the pictures of the finished project, but some of the recipients of our beautiful gifts might see.
I'll show them at a future date!

Did I mention I love free stuff?
Have you scored any really inexpensive or cheap gifts?
Are you re-gifting anything this Christmas?
I love to hear about saving money- do share.


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  1. Home Depot sets up the same thing on Family Day at the base and the kids make stuff every time! They love it, and it's great! :-)


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