Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wilw- Advent Calendars

This is our advent calendar this year. Can't beat it at $2 with mini chocolates each day. The kids race every morning to see if it is their day to eat the cheap chocolate!

We had this one from avon growing up. When we started going to church and we didn't place as much emphasis on Santa, my mom wrote little word bubbles over the Klaus' heads that said stuff like, "Praise the Lord, Santa!"
My brother and I got a kick out of it.

Now you can get toy calendars at Toys R Us for about $25 to $30. Or so my new friends, the PTO ladies tell me. You get small toys in it, but seriously, $30?

I would love to make an advent wreath like this with little gifts inside for the kids next year.
We had this one a couple of years ago! I bought it for about $10 and then found it the following year for $6 for a friend at Marshalls.

The boys would love this one- I think I might look around to see if they go on clearance or if Marshalls gets them.

And I love this one with the Story of Christmas. Each day is an ornament. I think my mom has the same set. The kids really enjoyed it/destroyed it. I am not sure which one.

Do you have an advent calendar at your house?


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  1. Anthony used to get a Lego one every year from his Granpa. We haven't gotten one in awhile. I like the wreath one, but then I'll have to prepare ahead for the little gifts. I'd probably screw that up! :-)

  2. We still have the mouse advent calendar, from Avon. My kids have always fought over who gets to move the mouse every day. (the oldest is 28, the youngest is 13 - the almost 22 year old generally wins the battle: ) :-)

  3. We have 2 advent calendars in our house right now {along with the Advent Project that we do each year with one activity a day}. One is a countdown Santa and the other is a lovely felt calendar with a beautiful Christmas tree that was made for us. I usually get an advent calendar from my Church which talks about the Christmas Season as it's celebrated overseas but they didn't get them this year for some reason.

    We love the cheap chocolate ones as well! :) I do love the wreath calendar idea. It's definitely something I will think about doing for next year.


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