Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So, I lied... And what I Think About Santa

So, Santa.
He really doesn't bother me one way or the other.
I grew up not believing in Santa.
I think for a very short time I might of, but really?
We had a very reality household.
I was never into fantasy stuff.
That is why I never liked the Lord of the Rings or Narnia or things of that nature.
I get that people do- just not my thing.
We focused on Christmas being Jesus' birth and moved on from there.

Do I do Santa with my kids?
Not really.
We were honest with our kids and they know the big guy with the beard doesn't exist.
A couple of the younger ones like to hold onto the idea and say he is real- doesn't bother me.
We have a picture with some of the kids with "Santa".

And recently, the little guy has been asking to get his picture with Santa.
I would gladly take him if I could find a place to sit him on Santa's lap and snap the picture myself.
I refuse to take him into the crowded malls this time of year and pay $10 for a picture.
The school had a pancake breakfast with Santa.
$10 a person. $60 for us to go.
No thanks.
I'll make my own pancakes.

I also have been hearing about all the things other parents do with their kids.
A little girl I babysit for does "elf on a shelf". Pretty cute- the elf is in a different place every morning to surprise the kids.

So, the other morning when I saw a little plastic green and red hat had blown onto my lawn, I did something I don't normally do....
I lied.

I asked the little guy if he thought it might of been one of Santa's elves' hat.
Well, his eyes got real big and he was super excited.
More excited than I thought he would be.
But what I didn't count on, was that he would tell EVERYONE about the hat.
Because we all know Mom would never lie!

And he carries the hat everywhere with him.

I am just letting it ride out.
Christmas is almost here and maybe next year he will forget about it?

Oh and I almost forgot - with our switch to public school, I completely forgot to remind my elementary school kids not to tell the kids in their class that Santa doesn't exist.
I reminded them one day.
My son got a real sly look on his face- I think he already told the kids.
I am so getting thrown out of the PTO.
You know how I know this?
They were discussing with each other how "horrible" older kids had told their kids that Santa isn't real.
Yep- I am toast.
But, what else is new?

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