Friday, December 9, 2011

Reindeer Food

My friends, I think I am finally in with the PTO moms.
They like me.
They really like me.
Okay, so they wouldn't let me use the cash register for the Holiday Boutique- I am sure they will next year.
And they laugh at my jokes.
That's big with me!
But, they are really nice.

The other day we made reindeer food! For about 2 hours.
Don't know what it is?
I didn't either.
You put oats, red and green glitter and sugar into little bags and sell them at parent teacher conferences for $1 a bag.
This my friends, is how the PTO makes money.

Not sure what to do with your reindeer food?
Read the tag above.
Even though I am not that big on Santa- you can be sure I will be buying my pack of reindeer food.
Gotta support the PTO, right?

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