Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Some Things and Meet our New Decorator!

Meet my new interior decorator!
He came cheap and highly recommended so we went with him.
He has managed to put up about 2 dozen pieces of my Christmas notepad paper on every wall in the house with miscellaneous pieces of tape he comes across.
These papers have scribbles, also known as "words" on them as well as traced hand turkeys.
Apparently, turkeys are for Christmas too or so this pint sized decorator has told his older sister.

If you need any work done, give me a call, I will sub-contract him out cheap- He just needs tape- a lot of tape.

Okay- totally stressed about Christmas- know I shouldn't do it to myself, but here I go again.

Is my shopping anywhere near done you might ask?
of course not.
I am trained in classical procrastination and that is just not how we operate.

If you see me at a church function and I have handmade gifts or homemade cookies or my kids are wearing coordinating clothes- check my house - it is most likely a mess!

If my Christmas cards are out early and I am volunteering at the kids' school and working out at the gym, know that I will be up all night Christmas eve, wrapping gifts I said I would wrap earlier.

Or if I haul a ton of project stuff and food into church for our last Girl's club meeting of the year and if my make-up looks fresh, it is only because I practically had a breakdown getting ready, took a shower at the last minute and had the kids wait in the car while I put on make-up so I wouldn't look like a woman who had a breakdown.

So, on Christmas eve, while you are snug in bed or sitting nicely at service, remember me, as I scrounge through my basement and closet trying to remember which kid I bought which thing for and wrapping like I've never wrapped before.

And how might I know these things, you might be wondering?

I do the same thing every year.

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  1. Aw, poor Rachel! Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I have a closet full of presents, nothing wrapped, and not sure what I bought for who. Still working on the flooring, so no exercise for me. Maybe we could have a wrapping party Christmas Eve. But not at my house - it's a mess! :-)

  2. How adorable! I would be glad to hire him :)

    You won the Sally Hansen lot and I will send it out either tomorrow or Saturday. I'm so glad it was you!


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