Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

Sorry this is up late....
but I have a good excuse...
The little guy hit his head and it had to be "glued" shut at an urgent care facility.

It kind of started in the morning, when I was thinking to myself how awesome it was that we haven't been to my pediatrician in a long time.
Now I definitely don't believe in jinxing, but it is kind of funny.

He basically walked into the back of a truck and cut himself. Small, little cut, but one that bled a lot until I could clean it and find where the cut was.

Cue me frantically praying it wasn't his eye.

I was so happy when I remembered my pediatrician was still open- so we headed there. She said he would be fine, but she thinks I should have it dermabonded (glue).
I told her great and go ahead.

Yep, not that easy.
They don't have the glue.
Now I love my peds office so I won't complain, but seriously?

Okay- who does have dermabond?

Choices- emergency room and bottom of their wait list or urgent care about 45 minutes away that specializes in kids.
Urgent care it is.
He was fine and is doing great.
No pain, no problems.

Just part of having sons I guess.

Hope your Friday is great.

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