Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Stuff

the sign in front of our church

Well, we have finished our Christmas program!
No more practice.
Woo hoo!
The kids enjoyed themselves.
I tried so hard to get them to calm down and take naps after morning church so they would be okay for the program, but of course, that didn't work.

We arrived for the night program and the little guy had a meltdown and would only calm down if I sat with him, so of course, I did.
He then belted out "Happy Birthday Jesus" and "Jesus Loves Me", really loud from the stage on a microphone.
One of those moments where you don't know if you should hide or stand up with pride and say, "Hey, that's my kid"!
My other son was a shepard- a tired one.
And my younger daughter sang solo with 2 of her friends- really cute.

I finished all church teacher gifts.
I have school teachers now.
Oh and my garbage men, who seem to take everything we put by the curb,- love those guys!
Now about the mailman?
Well, he comes at all random times, with a cigarette in his mouth, a backwards hat, music blaring and yelling with his wife on his bluetooth.
He forgets things and brings packages up to my door, but leaves my mail in the box.
Oh and he never puts my flag down, so I can't tell if he came or not.
But, he smiles.
I am embarrassed to say, I never given him something for Christmas, but I think I will this year.
What about you- do you give something to your mailman or the garbage men for Christmas?
And if so, what?

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  1. I think food is a great option! You can't go wrong with a box of home-baked Christmas cookies or candies. I heard somewhere this weekend that mailman aren't allowed to accept any type of monetary gifts....not sure if that includes gift cards or not.


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