Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wedding Pictures

We went to a wedding last night!
Had a great time.
This picture has been approved by the husband- of course, because he looks good and I have a bad case of fat face- just stating the truth.

We have been so busy with the kids and life that we haven't had a "date night" in a long time. I mean a long time. So, this was date night. And with the goodies I ate at the cocktail hour, it was a good one.
Baked clams, some kind of stromboli rolls that were amazing and eggplant rolatini. Yeah, baby.

This picture was taken with the husband's iphone. I so want one of those things, but I am cheap. Well, not really, but who can afford an extra $30 a month for a phone? The husband told me to get one, but I told him I would wait for the upgrade- only got about a year left to go.
Then hello iphone and hello instagram!

Oh, yeah! I won the centerpiece! We did one of those pass the napkin games and it kind of dropped between the 2 of us. When the DJ announced the person who ended up with it would have to go to the dance floor, my husband immediately told me to go. Of course.

So, I went and then he announced we had to go and get a person of the opposite sex and bring them to the dance floor. And it couldn't be someone from our table.
I didn't know who to grab and decided to go with my associate Pastor.

He was a little hesitant and then with a little prodding from his wife and the senior pastor, he went.

We get to the dance floor and the DJ says we can either go home with the person we came with or the new person we brought up. CORNY -- Why do DJs say the dumbest things? I mean dumb.

So he tells us to dance with that person. My pastor and I look at each other and say it's been real, see you later, and part ways.

So, yeah, I won the centerpiece, but I worked for it. :)

It was a great night.
The bride was beautiful and the groom cried at the ceremony- so sweet.

I almost miss going to weddings- we are at that time in our lives where the weddings have tapered off. Know what I mean?

Enjoy your Sunday....

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  1. I love the pictures. You two look wonderful.

  2. What a great looking couple! You are beautiful :)
    I love weddings. It has been a long time since I've been to one. I was supposed to go to one on 11-11-11 but it was called off!


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