Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Love Shutterfly!
They have the best Christmas Cards!
How about this cute JOY one?

This is the picture we used for our Christmas card last year.

We used the picture with this card below. Very simple. It was basically just the picture with the Merry Christmas at the bottom and our names on the bottom.

I am kind of loving this one for this year. But, I have a couple ideas I am spinning around in my mind. You just might have to be surprised.

They also have the best Christmas invitations and photo gifts. I think photo gifts might be the way to go this year. I mean a mug is so much cheaper than a giftcard. And what relative can deny a gift with a cute picture of the kids on it?

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P.S.- If you are one of said relatives, please forget reading this post and act surprised, mkay? Do it for the kids. wink.

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  1. Your card last year still makes me smile. I have saved them from year to year. I will pretend to be surprised when I receive mine :)


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