Monday, November 7, 2011

Nutrisystem- still the same- sorry to say...

I said I was going to weigh myself on Friday and post then- but I am too used to Monday weigh in and decided to stick with that.
I am always frustrated with my scale at home- I paid about $4 for it at Target and it is one of those scales with the numbers and the little lines.
It never seems accurate.
I have seen the one at the gym.
Ya know the kind, it looks like this:

I never wanted to use it because I am always worried that someone will see what I weigh (insert PRIDE here). But today, the area was clear- I went for it.
I usually weigh myself at home early in the morning.
So, figure this is after I ate my breakfast Nutrisystem harvest bar- that I love and after I worked out.
I didn't lose anything, but was happy my scale at home is accurate.
More working out, more nights without snack.

I have been watching less TV at night for a multitude of reasons.
It has been good- no TV- no snacking.
I also have time to do other things.
Blogging, listing on ebay and some craft things.

Anyone got any other weight loss tips to add to my Nutrisystem/workout regimen?
Does lemon in water work?
I'm open people- let me know....

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  1. I just started back on my program. I have been getting on the Gazelle again too. Lemon in your water flushes you out so it is really water weight, but still weight ;)

    I get the cravings to snack when I watch TV too. So keeping my hands busy typing helps :)


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