Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning

Is it really Thanksgiving week?
Feeling a little overwhelmed this morning!
So much to do:

Laundry seems to be at an all time high! Definitely need to give an in-service on what is actually clean and what needs to be cleaned.

Need to get rolling on writing out Christmas cards. Sam's club was definitely the cheapest this year. Sorry shutterfly, just speaking the truth.

The eldest is back from a youth retreat. She had a great time, but with her she brings more laundry. I know, I know, tell her to do it.

(I am the worst delegator)

Need to get to food shopping- have no more ideas for dinner- does that mean take-out? Yeah, ummm, no!

Really need to peg down what I am getting the kids for Christmas! It is one of those years when I could get them anything and they would be thrilled because they love everything. This is one of those years where I could also spend too much, so I really need to make a list and check it twice.

Saturday, we hit the gym and all 3 younger ones went to the play area- sorry to the lady who had to watch them. They were excited to see where the little guy goes during the week while I take classes. Then we took out 36 items from the library on top of the 20 items we already have out- I am an all or nothing type of gal. Can't even calculate what that overdo bill will cost me. (or rather cost the husband. tee hee hee)

We got a belt for my son and shoes, got brakes for the van (yikes) and ate leftovers.
It was a busy day.

And my sweet girl got bangs and a bob. She is pretty happy:

Oh yeah, the boys got Thanksgiving haircuts. This little guy does not seem to fall asleep unless he is snuggling up near one of us. And hey, why not?

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  1. First of all, the haircut looks awesome - love the bangs!

    The second thing is ... you won the four mineral eyeshadow giveaway on my blog! You can email me with the four color choices and I will email the etsy seller with the choices and your address.


  2. I am putting a beef roast in the crockpot tomorrow and that will be dinner for the next couple of days so I can get ready for Thanksgiving. I am ordering my photo calendars from snapfish but holiday cards are so much cheaper at Costco so that's where we get them. Your daughter's haircut looks great. And thanks for the reminder... I have to go switch the laundry ;)


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