Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The ill Effects of TV on My Kid

This one.
Yeah, she is smiling and she sure is cute.
She's the one that keeps me on my toes.
No one would believe me.
She was the first kid in her class to get picked as "student of the month".
Her homework is always done.
She makes sure of it.
But her choice of play?
I don't know how it happened.
I never let my oldest watch TV.
And she hardly does still.
But somehow this middle of mine slipped through and loves TV.
She used to tell us when she was younger that everything she has learned, she learned from TV.

That was cute.
But the other night....

She had a meltdown, which kids will do.
Then she started saying "No one loves me".
Ok, I'm feeling bad, but not terrible- pretty typical for a middle child.
But then, "I'm broken and no one loves me".

Excuse me?
You're what?


Just when I thought this child needed some help, my oldest says, "Oh yeah Mom, they were watching Arthur on TV and Arthur was trying to sell his baby sister at a yard sale saying she was broken because she spit up and cried a lot.

Oh , okay.
This made me feel better that she didn't come up with it on her own, and she was just copying TV.
But then I knew what was coming next.

Yeah, she was "running" away.
I knew this because we watched Ramona and Beezus not that long ago. I read the Ramona books when I was young, but Ramona does try to "run away".

So, from shows I thought were harmless and even cute, I got a crazy meltdown child with ideas she probably would not of thought of on her own.

Cut down on the tube and when they do watch, picking some better shows.

What about you?
What are your rules on TV in your home?
I'd like to know.

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  1. Well my son was the one who watched t.v. a lot. Not so much now that he is in college. Now he does not have time. My girls expecially my youngest do not watch much tv. If she has it on it takes me by surprise. I always have to ask what she is watching. I think for my youngest her grandpa had a lot of influence on her. He does not even own a t.v. and he has taught her that it is not really a good thing all the things on it. Fine by me. Thanks to Grandpa.

  2. I know what you mean. When the kids were younger we had to cut out "Caiou" because he was always whining and complaining. He did eventually do the right thing but the show took you through all the negative to get there. We also had to cut out The Brady Bunch. Can you imagine? We thought we were doing something good by taking out the DVDs from the library. We noticed our two were starting to bicker and argue and realized that is where it was coming from. We really have to be so careful with what we allow them to watch. They pick up lots of things whether we realize it or not.

  3. We decided about 5 years ago (when our oldest was 6) that we were going to cut out the cable. For a while we just allowed them to watch dvd's that we carefully selected (and we aren't completely Little House on the Prairie, here, we do have some Disney and other fun things). We really tried to emphasize shows like The Waltons and Andy Griffith. We wanted the kids to be exposed to shows that emphasized the family unit as a whole, with values, and where the attributes we wanted them to have were mostly modeled. Although, we know we can't shelter our kids from everything, and sometimes things are OK for entertainment but we definitely try to balance it. As they have gotten older, we have gotten more permissive, but not before we felt like the more important values were instilled. I do caution, however, against being too strict ... something I have considered, b/c I have felt like at times it has produced the opposite desires in my kids at times ... sometimes they can resent not being able to watch what all of their friends are watching and/or their appetite for what they can't have becomes overwhelming, so we try so hard to be balanced and no overly obesessive on limiting TV. Above all, we try to be sure it never replaces family interaction and communication. Even if they watch something we don't necessarily want modeled in our home, we can always, always TALK about it, which is always the best thing!

  4. First of all, I love the photo!

    I tried to run away a few times when I was younger too. I think it is a natural thing to try when you are a kid. :)

  5. This is something I am struggling with as well. Mine at 4 and (almost) 2, so we haven't really had to deal with much of the attitudes/behaviors coming from TV, but honestly, with both of mine, if they have their way, they just love to sit down and watch tv. I don't think that is really good for them, I think that too much tv is in fact harming my almost 2 year old's speech.

    But man....it's so easy to just turn it on for them so I can cook dinner, clean the kitchen, do something. And I can't really get them to play in their rooms independently. I really think that is something they need to work on!

    Food for thought today..

  6. hi, i'm new to the site. i saw you on t.v. last night talking about your site and wanted to join in. my daughter like your middle one is a very very good girl who likes to glue herself to the television every chance she gets. we've been successful in cutting out the teenage shows (except shake it up - what can i say, i like the dancing and the jokes are funny - even though my six year old daughter doesn't get them.} i make her stick to the ones she watched as a toddler and then didn't understand. now they make sense. i must have seen every barbi dvd there is and have to admit they have good messages and have a good moral message so that's okay. only thing is my daughter will watch each one at least 50 times. at the parent teacher conference her teacher showed us a story book the children are creating. in my daughter's story the little gir's name is emily. who's emily everyone asked, little bear's friend, she has a doll named lucy...


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