Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

How is everyone?
We had a good week.
I am tired- surprise, surprise.
I went to the dermatologist today- I have had some things on my face I was unsure of and wanted to check them out.
YEP- adult acne!
Great- just great.
LOL- it is not that noticeable. And it could be so much worse.
Apparently, I should be washing my face more often. Who would of thought?

I guess I should be thankful he didn't tell me to stay out of the sun.
Went to Walmart- Christmas music in full effect!!! Gotta love Walmart.
I was there and figured I would buy myself workout clothes.

Yeah, I know, I said I would get workout clothes when I lost another 10 pounds, but I haven't been out shopping much and got a little ahead of myself.
This was remedied when I realized I wasn't trying on the workout stuff in front of the little guy and figured it wasn't a good idea to leave him outside of the try-on room.

Yeah, so the big pile of stuff I had went back to the lady and I apologized because she looked less than thrilled.
We then passed by the unmentionable section to which the little guy replied "wow, those are nice" as we passed the bra section.

I think it is time for me to shop by myself, don't you?

I guess he saves me money because I didn't buy any clothes for myself.

We have a wedding to go to this weekend- maybe I'll share some pictures- stay tuned.

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  1. I had adult acne for a while (just a little but a lot to someone that never had an acne problem). I washed more and drank more water. It cleared up. Have a great weekend, Ms. Chatty Mom. Thanks for hosting. Hugs & Blessings. :)

  2. Hope it gets okay soon. I usually got it for my period (hormonal imbalance, I guess).

    Following your lovely blog. I am also inviting you to add your blog at Momma's Lounge ( ) where you can also shout away, add your business/giveaway, and meet more mom bloggers from all over the bloggy land:)

    Thanks and have a great day!


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