Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mommy Fail

My girlfriend had this picture on her facebook and I had to share- I think I might even have that shirt!

It seems like lately I am falling short.
Ever have that happen?

Take for example, the other day I sent my son off to school, happy to bring his trophy to school for show and tell. His first show and tell of the year.
After the bus picked him up, I was cleaning off my kitchen table when I saw his weekly letter from the teacher and clear as day, what did it say?
Please go over with your child what they will speak about with their show and tell item.
Mommy Fail!
I felt terrible- I had already felt bad enough that we didn't get to go over his spelling words one more time, but now I have to practice what he will say about a show and tell item?
I tried to make myself feel better- he's a little talker- you know, the politician type, so I am sure it went fine.
But, it is totally unlike me to forget something like that.

And how about picture day?
Promised my daughter that I would curl her hair.
Somewhere between putting my oldest on the bus and getting the middles ready, I think I have all this time.
Yeah, not so much.
We usually wind up rushing towards the last 5 minutes before the bus comes. Thankfully, it pulls right in front of the house.
But, her hair?
Didn't get to curl it.
She wanted pigtails with a pretty headband which I did and she looked beautiful and she was happy.
But still felt like a mommy fail.

And did I tell you about my first PTO activity?
Well, I really want to be involved with the kids at school, especially since this is their first year at public school.
I missed the first PTO meeting because it fell on one of the 2 nights I work a month!
But I saw they needed help counting box tops, so I emailed and the head of the PTO emailed me back, said I could bring the little guy and I went.
The ladies were nice, it was a little weird being in their circle, women who have been together for awhile, but I did see some nice women I went to school with.
And as we are cutting out the box tops, I mention that you can sell them on ebay and that I have in the past.
This quickly seemed to be a dumb thing to say as the head of the PTO told me they had earned over $1900 dollars in box tops last year alone.
And then I quickly added, "but of course, I don't sell them anymore!"
They laughed.
Maybe this wasn't such a mommy fail?

So, aside from these situations, I am up to my ears in laundry. When did the kids start wearing layers and why are they all dirty, all the time?
And I feel like I am constantly switching summer clothes for warmer clothes- when does it end?

But I will get there- I will get organized.


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  1. I think we have all been through those times. As hard as we try to make everything perfect as a mommy things just get pushed through the cracks. It is really ok. The things you talked about did not put your kids in harms way. Your daughters hair turned out perfect, your son I am sure did great. I promise you the load gets a little lighter as they grow and can do more on their own. You are doing a great job just keep on keeping on.

  2. oh yes, I think we have all had days, weeks, months like that! Every day I wake up saying I'm going to do better. Be kinder, gentler, more organized, get all the laundry done. Some days I do, some days I don't. But every day my kids are loved on, and I'm certain yours are too. And in the end, that's the most important thing :)


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