Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Declutter- Day 8

The dreaded task of starting to clean out the basement. I had to get the kids some warmer clothes from the totes I store in the basement. Wearing shorts and tee shirts with a sweatshirt for school was not cutting it anymore. This was an all day process.
This is actually the finished picture- 11 bags of clothes for goodwill! This is not including the 3 bags of garbage I threw out. I can't believe I was saving all of these clothes under our home and either didn't need the size or it wasn't something I would have the kids wear anyway.
I should preface this with my friends and I are big clothing sharers. That is, we are constantly switching hand-me-downs between our kids. Although, my husband just thinks we should buy everything, hand-me-downs have worked well for me....

Except I seem to have a problem keeping too much and not going through it right away, separating things we will use and are worth keeping and things to give away. I am learning. This picture above is what it looked like while I did my sorting.
My bff would be proud of me because I took those 11 bags to goodwill right away instead of leaving them somewhere in my house or in my car intending to go.
What's in your basement?

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  1. If you lived close to me, I would be glad to take some clothing/clutter off your hands. We love hand-me-downs as well and have helped us save a lot of money.

  2. Oh my! I have so much clothes in our basement that need to be sorted through. I can't seem to part with my baby stuff so I think I should only save my favorites. That is a few day project for sure!


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