Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesday (WILW)- Aprons

So, I need an apron...
These are some I love.
I know, they are all pretty similar, but so cute. Scroll down for my funny apron story.





The other day while cooking, it occurred to me, that I never wear my regular clothes to cook. I am always afraid I will mess them up. So I wear scrubby clothes and try to change before the husband comes home.
This works sometimes, but sometimes I am busted wearing holy sweat capris and an old tee.
I need an apron I thought!
Then I think of all the pretty ones I have seen on etsy.
I know I will buy one or beg my mom to make one for me because my sewing skills are definitely lacking.
I will wear it when the husband comes home and he will be surprised.
On this particular day, the husband went to the neighbors to pick up our daughter after she played with her friend and do you know what he told me?
"Hey, you know she (our neighbor) was wearing an apron? I didn't know people still wear those."
What was I left to say?
"Yeah, I know (which of course, I didn't know), I was just thinking about getting one."
And once again, he just looked at me.

Forget it now.
Ahhh, the best plans...
Do you have an apron?


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  1. I do have an apron but it is a waist one. I want a full one because I am just like you I wear old clothes to cook a lot because I don't want to ruin my good ones. I do love my waist one though and love to wear it when I am baking.

  2. Aprons are popular now - and I WANT ONE TOO! I love them. They are so cute and flirty and make me want to cook in the kitchen. And that is motivation enough to have a hundred of them! lol

  3. I have an apron that I almost always forget to wear when I am baking/cooking. Thankfully I have the solution for that - don't cook. Ha! Probably won't work with your home though.

  4. I like the last one. It's so girly and gorgeous!

  5. Aprons are great and you have several nice ones. It is funny, I don't wear an apron at home, but if I am cooking elsewhere, with other people I always wear an apron.

  6. I have one but it doesn't fit well so I usually leave the top part down which defeats the purpose! I always put on an old t-shirt when I am making sauce. I really need a good apron too :)

  7. I have a few aprons and my little guy has a couple of the boyish ones from Williams Sonoma. I love mine, they are usually gifts from my sons. They are not frilly though , I tend to wipe my hands on them so they get nasty.

    Stop by Mommacan.com. When you can of course; lol

    following and I heart clean line blogs.

  8. Found you on the blog hop, now following you. Please follow me back thanks.

  9. I don't have an apron, but I totally want one. That last one is so cute but I would be so sad if I got stuff on it! Maybe I could wear my ratty t-shirt over the apron! haha!

  10. Wow, those are some aprons! My son actually made my husband one for Father's Day at school so he wears it when he grilles. I don't cook so I guess I'm off the hook.
    New follower from the hop, hope you'll stop by!


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