Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warning- Potty Talk Ahead

So, this is not one of the most modest posts, but funny nonetheless.

I never take kids in the bathroom with me.
I let them stay on the other side of the door unless we are out and it can't be helped.
I am a big believer in everyone getting a little private time while using the bathroom.
This can be difficult when they are little and I have listened to a lot of screaming toddlers in my day, but it works for me.

So, it was an oddity that I had to bring the little guy in the bathroom with me at church last Sunday. And as he spoke I realized how odd it really was.

Little Guy: Mom, do you have to poop?

Me: No, just pee.

Little Guy: Then why is the seat down?

Me: (realizing he thinks I stand like he does) because women sit when they pee.

I then pull down my pants with my long shirt so he doesn't see anything.

Little Guy: Mom, if you don't sit, then where is your pee pee gun?

Me: I don't have one. God makes girls and boys different.

Little Guy: That's weird.

Then yesterday morning I was looking for clothes for a shower when he came in my room.

Little Guy: Mom, whatcha doing?

Me: Looking for underwear for my shower.

Little Guy: Oh, mom you wear pull-ups at night, too? (he says this while he touches my bottom to feel for a pull-up).

Me: No, son, I wear underwear at night.

Little Guy: That's weird.

Incidentally, if you read this post, here is an update.
The little guy wore his band-aid on his thumb for about 3 weeks and does not suck his thumb anymore!!
It is amazing, but he has a hard time falling asleep and night and soothing himself.
I am sure that will get better as well.
Thanks for everyone's input.
I really kept thinking about Crystal saying that I should think about everything he might touch in pre-school and then put his thumb in his mouth.
That was just about enough to gross me out. LOL

Got any good plans this weekend?

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  1. HAHAHA! Love this! BAND AID what a great idea!!!! SMART SMARTY MOMMY!

  2. I'm so glad to hear the band-aid worked! I miss you all so much!

  3. Okay... I love the pee-pee gun. That's pretty funny stuff.

  4. That is funny!
    Soccer starts this weekend, although it looks like we may be in for rain again. Better make sure we have hoodies :)

  5. Very funny! Hard to explain without it getting complicated sometimes :)

    Stopping by from Hopalong Friday!

    The Twerp and I

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  7. Hello, I'm coming through from Smart and Trendy Moms Blog Parade. Won't you follow me back?


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