Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Odds N Ends

I have all these things swimming around in my brain...
Ever feel like that?

Some important, some not...

1. I watched the last
Jon and Kate plus Eight, I mean Kate plus Eight the other night. So sad.
Real quick- if you don't know the show - a married couple has twins and then sextuplets and lets the cameras follow their life as a TV show on TLC.
Then the couple got divorced so the husband was no longer on the show.
I watched it with the kids years ago.
I am such so sad for them.
For their family, for their broken marriage.
I found myself wishing they would somehow get back together.
I am now brokenhearted for a family I will never meet.
I really have to stop watching TV!

2. Take Heart is having some awesome giveaways right now.
This is big for me to announce a giveaway.
Because I can be so giveaway crazed that I am afraid if I tell someone else, they will enter and they will win instead of me.
Stupid, I know.
I probably need help.
But, Danielle and her family are adopting and are trying to raise funds to do so.
A bunch of awesome businesses donated things and BAM!- awesome giveaways! Check it out!
Ends tonight.

3. Everyone is making out okay at public school.
My two elementary kids are having a great time.

My middle schooler was having some problems at first, but is adjusting better. She has joined field hockey which is what this mama played for 6 years (believe it or not) and of course, I had to run to the store last night late with daughter and sleeping little guy (with ketchup on my shirt I might add) to spend more money on cleats, shinguards, a mouthguard and some other things.

Does anyone know why my kids have to play sports that cost money?
Yeah, I don't know either.

4.I teach my first girls' club meeting tonight. I am super excited. I am going to "set up" my classroom today and do a thousand other things- I'll post pictures later this week.

5. There are several blogs that I have been reading since I started blogging and most of them are in my sidebar.
I really can't remember how I found them, but I did...
One woman, Cathy, has been inspirational to me.
Although we have only emailed each other a handful of times, she has been somewhat of a mentor as well.
She has 5 kids (beautiful) and a husband that she loves very much and she is a homeschooling mom.
She has had cancer on and off for years. And it's back and it's bad.
She is a woman of God and praying.
And I am praying for her as well.
You can share in her journey here and pray for her too.

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  1. Hello, I'm a new follower of your blog from the wednesday blog hop :)
    Feel free to follow back if you want thanks.

  2. We prayed for Cathy at Prayer Meeting last week. I stayed home with the kids this week. She is such a special lady.

  3. Found you on the Blog Hop Till you Drop. I am your newest follower via GFC. Great site. Keep up the great work!!
    I hope you can check me out and follow me too :o



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