Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feels Like I'm Fallin' For Fall Wreath

So, the title is totally from a song on Nick Jr.
But, I needed to get my spring/summer wreath off of the door and and a new fall wreath.
So, rather than save the wreath on my door- I cut off all the yarn and felt roses I made last time.
Maybe not the best decision, but that's how I roll.

Then I was able to use the same foam wreath instead of buying a new one. It is good I don't have a craft store closer than 20 minutes, I would be toast.

I bought some twine at a local dollar store for, yep you guessed it, a dollar. But I ran out and had to switch to some really rough twine.

I tied a knot of twine around the wreath and just started winding around and around. And around. When adding the second twine, I tied the 2 together and just continued winding.

I was pretty happy with the over all look. Winding the twine took some time and didn't come out so neat, but it just added to the charm.

This is my workspace- notice the glitter glue in the lower right hand corner from a previous craft project.

I printed up a template I got off of google images of small fall leaves and traced them onto some felt scraps I had and cut them out.

I rolled up some orange felt and secured it with some tacky glue.

I followed this tutorial on making fabric flowers and used this template I free-handed to make the yellow and dark red flowers.
I laid all my items out and made sure I liked them before I started to hot glue them.

Here are my results- pretty happy with it, seeing how it only cost me a buck!
I need to add something to hang it and maybe a little something more to make it nicer.
I post a picture of it later today.

Happy DIY'ing.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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P.S.- I need to mention that while making this wreath with my trusty {cheap} hot glue gun, I pretty much got glue all over my desk and maybe on my keyboard.

Does anyone know where to purchase a glue gun that you do not have to push the next glue stick in with your teeth?


  1. Gorgeous! You are so talented. You should make these to sell!

  2. awww i soo want one of these wreaths in my new home!!!

  3. I love the flowers! You wreath came out so well!

  4. So cute! And now you have that song stuck in my head! ;)

  5. Love it. I have been wanting to make a wreath and just have not had the time. Way to go.

  6. This looks great! I love the colors that you chose; so festive!


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