Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're Home, we're fine, Praise The Lord!

All the stuff we packed for the less than 24 hour stay on my mom's house.

The brush and leaves on our lawn.

there was just so much news coverage on hurricane irene.
i am not a worrier, my mom's not much of a worrier.
but, i have to confess, i was a wee bit worried this time.
not while we were packing.
not while we planned.
but early this morning, i worried.
what would i do?
would we really have to stand in doorways?
which kid would i hold with me?
is the husband ok staying at the house himself?
does he need me?
does he know that God's in control?
does he need me to tell him?
and then the power went out.
gosh it's hot without ac.
should i put a flashlight in the room so the kids don't get scared?
will they be nervous?
will a window crack?

and then 7 am rolled around and the kids woke up and horsed around
and prayed on their own.
they prayed for their dad and that the storm wouldn't make a tree fall on the house
and that everyone would be okay and the blackout wouldn't last.

And we are fine and I should of done what they did first instead of worrying.

We are back home- our yard is covered with leaves and small branches, but no big deal.
And all my "stuff" in the basement is fine- but maybe I would of been better off with it getting ruined, so I would be forced to declutter.

And the husband is fine.
He had chosen to stay home to be with the house.
Or maybe he knew my mom doesn't have cable and me, my mom and 5 kids (our little cousin has been staying with us) would of driven him crazy.
But when the hurricane was over, he called, said come home....
He was hungry!!

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  1. Yea!! So glad you made it through unharmed. Praise God!!

  2. Yeah! So glad everyone & everything is okay (though I would have loved to have you come to PA!!!).

  3. Glad to hear you made it through without any damage!

  4. LOVE the end of the story! Glad you're all safe!

  5. Glad to hear it. You all all had a little adventure :-).

    I wasn't surprised that my neighborhood was in tact. When you pray and believe God for protection, He answers prayers. Nothing surprising there.


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