Monday, August 29, 2011

Nutrisystem- Still Going!

Let's just cut to the chase!
I lost another 2 pounds this week, making it a total of 7 pounds so far!
I am very excited.
But a little hard on myself.

I had some slip- ups.

I did get back on my treadmill and have been doing 2 miles every morning and 2 miles every night.
This has been hard, but worth it.
I started last Sunday night (the 21st) and have been steady except for 2 times I missed while being evacuated.

I thought I would of lost more, but I made some bad food decisions.
I know where I messed up.

I need to
make sure I eat enough.
This is important because sometimes I eat very little so I can drop this weight only to crash and wind up starving at night which is the worse time to eat.

I need to
stick to the Nutrisystem food because it works.
And then the hurricane happened and I let myself come off the Nutrisystem food.
Looking back, I had a decent amount of choices to choose from, and could of eaten a ot of different things and some fruit during our power outage.
But I went straight for comfort food, my old time nemesis- the bagel to name one.

So this week, continuing my treadmill walking and sticking to the plan, I know I will lose more weight next week.

Until then....

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Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.

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