Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday Follow With The Chatty Mommy...

This week:
We went to our town's National Night Out- it was a lot of fun.
Over to the right is a picture of our radio flyer that fits perfectly in the minivan- gotta love the minivan.
We hit the beach and made kabobs- which I will give you the recipe next week.
Hope you are enjoying summer.

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  1. My posts were not about parenting or worrying. I do not live in fear or a state of worry by any means. My posts were---merely to state that I strongly feel that the city, state and country's officials are not making our children's safety from child predators a top priority. I know this is an accurate statement. It was in no way about--how we need to worry. But we do need to be wise. The bible even instructs that of us. And we also need to have balance in that. My post came from a place of being tired of people and politicians arguing about Obamacare, deciding which light bulbs we can buy or not, about GoGreen, the country's debt, safer air, Happy Meals....
    All because we have the protection of God does not mean that we should throw caution to the wind. I was not telling people how they should parent. Some parents may be passionate about diet, recycling, education...and so on. I am passionate about keeping dangerous pedophiles off our streets. Mostly when we have 68 in our small town. They are relocated here because of the safe, small unknown town we have here. Ridiculous. Besides being passionate about reaching the lost for Jesus, I am passionate about our children and protecting them no matter how awful God has told us the world will become.


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