Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At Holtsville Ecology Site

Our little cousin was out last week and we tried to pack the week with fun things for her to do on the island.
We wanted to take her to the "zoo" which is a local ecology site that I have probably mentioned before.
It was one of those crazy days that we had too much to do. So, by the time we left, we had 1 hour to spend at the zoo and then had to pick up my mil from work, eat dinner and get out to church.
I think the kids still had a great time.

We were too late to get goat feed from the machines, but there was some left on the railings that we fed them. I didn't have to use those quarters that I stole, I mean got from my husband after all.

Our cousin was so happy, she decided to kiss the goats. They seemed to like it. Though while antibacterializing, I forgot to do her lips.

We saw an emu and I only knew it was one from a Wiggles song. Gosh, those guys must be rich!

And have no idea what these birds are, but love their print.

The kids waiting for the llamas.

My favorite - a little box turtle sanctuary.

The kids hamming it up- though I think I wasn't supposed to let their feet show- yay- photography skills!

The picture we will give to our cousin's mom to show that she had a good time and maybe she will forget to tell her about all the crazy things my kids do.

I have mentioned this before, but this bear is only separated from us by chainlink!!!

Somewhere before this playground shot, we got Mister Softee, but I was so busy making sure no one dropped anything that I didn't get any pictures.

The playground was fun, but a little nerve-racking. One of those, "where's so and so" moments.

Have anything good planned for the last weeks of summer?

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