Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are You a VBS Hopper?

VBS- Vacation Bible School. Come summer, most Christian churches have some kind of VBS. It might be a week, a couple of mornings, a week night for a couple of consecutive weeks. But, they are all fun and a great tool to teach kids about Jesus.

And lately, I have been running into some friends who are doing something I have heard about in the past- they are
VBS hopping!

What is it you might ask?
You can bring your kids to any VBS - you don't have to attend that particular church.
So, these mamas bring their kids to a different church each week for a different VBS.

And they are smart.
VBS is usually free to very low cost per child. Not like most day camps which can really break the bank.
VBS's have themes and usually churches all have different ones.
The kids have a blast and usually enjoy snacks, games and giveaways.

Our church had ours for 4 consecutive Wednesday nights. Our theme was NYC. What a fun theme for a bunch of LIers.

I taught the first and second graders.

One of the songs was, "say yes, yes to V-B-S." Maybe next year, I'll treat you to some video on me doing the dance moves with the songs. Though my eldest asked me to stop- but you know what I think about that. SCORE- embarrassed the tween - mission accomplished.

We had a lot of fun. And so did the kids. :)
There is still time- check your area for a VBS to join.
Your kids will thank you.

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  1. I have friends that did this too. They seemed to have kids that really enjoyed it.

  2. I love the decorations - very creative!

  3. My kids went to the weekly VBS given by the Baptist church here in town. They have been going for a few years now and it is always great. They did the same NYC theme this year :)

  4. I don't VBS hop but in our area there is one church with a VBS that is so popular that you must sign up by Feb. in order to reserve a spot . It's not free either but a nominal price. A grandmother told me she took her son there the 1st. day and he was turned away because he had not signed up ahead of time. Broke my heart because he was not a church-goer either. Sad. Seems something could have been done for him.

  5. My kids are now old enough that they are VBS assistants at our church. When they were younger, we tended to VBS hop the first summer we were living in a new place (Air Force family). It kept us busy, it allowed us to scope out churches, and it helped the boys make new friends.


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