Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Mrs. J

Yesterday was the memorial service for Mrs. J, my eldest daughter's 4th grade teacher.
She was only in her early 50s and died unexpectedly. It was to say the very least, sad. She left behind a daughter in her 20s, a large extended family and an adoring husband. In fact, her husband was so upset, he wasn't able to come to the memorial.

It was my daughter's first experience with death. She had never before been to a wake or a funeral or a memorial.
And I am thankful that it was so beautiful.
She was a true woman of God, a prayer warrior.

She was the only teacher that would gather before each field trip and would not leave the school until one of the parents prayed for safety on our trip.

She told the kids stories about her life, sometimes almost too personal, but they had a point and were edifying for the children. Her stories were the kind you never forget and were easily remembered at her memorial.

Mrs. J was always happy and as soon as you saw her she instantly fell into step with you,
conversing as if you spoke everyday with her.

At the memorial, her girlfriend Terri, that she had been friends with since they were 9 years old, spoke. I can only imagine that God gave her the strength to speak and she held back the tears.

She spoke of what a beautiful woman of God Mrs. J was and how she longed to be with the Lord.

And this was a common thread amongst everyone who knew her, my daughter included. They all agreed that Mrs. J looked forward to being with the Lord and did not fear death.
She knew she would be with Him.

And in this we find peace.

But as we sang along with the Pastor, the words, "It is well with my soul", seemed so hard.
I couldn't imagine if it were my mom, what I would be thinking. But I know He would be there.

I am praying for strength for Mrs. J's daughter and husband and praying that the Lord would just draw them close and I ask if you could do the same this weekend.

Enjoy your family- life is so precious.

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  1. Oh so sad. I am sorry you lost a wonderful teacher in your community. My prayers are with your daughter and your family that this can be a wonderful learing experience as to how we are to be ready at any moment.

  2. It sounds like she was dearly loved by many. I sorry to hear about your loss.

  3. My friend Kathleen was there yesterday. I spoke to her today. She was the one the pastor spoke of-her first husband died years ago and that was when she became friends with Toni. She said it really was such a beautiful memorial. So sad her husband couldn't be there.

  4. What a tragic loss. It sounds like her life touched a lot of people.


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