Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Well, it was my birthday.... and look at all my treasures.
My cousin made me this beautiful embroidered pillow case! I am afraid to sleep on it- I love it so much, I just keep folding it and putting it away.

My mom totally surprised me and put this amazing box on my front step with the most beautiful Vera Bradley bag and a matching wallet from my aunt! I have my own "vera"- woo hoo! Love it.

This little guy was nice enough to go in my flower pot out front and picked the heads only. And if that wasn't nice enough he snuck into the girls' room and sprayed the flowers with their perfume. This guy covers all bases.

And my girlfriends who know me so well, bought me a white chocolate bar, white chocolate flipz, apples and caramel, a bag of cherries and my FIRST piece of fiestaware- a spoon rest!

The husband picked up an ice cream cake and pistachio flying saucers! Do I need to tell you how much I love pistachio?

Tonight my aunt, my mom, my grandma and my in-laws are coming over for dinner and cake after! And the good news- I don't have to make it. My aunt (really my husband's aunt, but she might as well be mine) is making eggplant parm. Yummo.

I feel so blessed to be around my family anytime we can- it really helps right now.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Chatty Mommy. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love what your son did for you. That's pretty darned special, I think! :) Have a wonderful day!!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I love Vera too :) And eggplant parm- yum! That is what my husband requests every year on his birthday. Enjoy!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love it when you get spoiled on your birthday :)

  6. Have a wonderful birthday! You really deserve it!


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