Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, our garden is flourishing.

One zucchini I haven't picked yet and hoping for more.

All different types of tomatoes.

And our pepper plant surprised us with four new ones growing.

Our eggplant is blooming away. It is fun to check in on it everyday.

Our first time eating fried green tomatoes- I didn't realize people really ate this- just thought it was a movie, but boy, were they good.

I love zucchini and these were delicious- I can't believe how different food is, when you grow it yourself.

For Dinner: chicken cutlets, our own tomatoes in olive oil, pasta with our fresh parsley, fried zucchini, steamed zucchini and fried green tomatoes! yummo

Jeremiah 29:5 Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them;

Enjoy this Lord's day.

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  1. Your garden is looking wonderful! I've never tried fried green tomatoes either, but yours look yummy. Great job! I can't wait to start eating out of my garden. I have one zucchinni that is ready to be picked and about 10 more growing. I picked my first ripe tomato yesterday and peas are growing like crazy! I can't wait until harvest time!

  2. I have never had green tomatoes fried or otherwise, yours look delish! I wish I had a little space for a garden!

  3. What a wonderful meal! I have never made fried green tomatoes, but now I want to.

  4. Yum, loved fried zucchini. I have one here from my sister-in-law's garden- need to do that.

  5. Looks so good! Yum! Congrats on a beautiful garden!


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