Monday, June 6, 2011

What we did this weekend...

I babysat a girl for the weekend- her parents are in the military and need to go to "drill" once a month.
She is friends with my younger daughter- so this works out well.
My eldest had friends and our cousin over and things were packed with kids this weekend.
At one point I think there were 9 kids here and we had 8 for dinner (pizza- which was eaten for lunch on Sunday as well).
Little guy got his haircut- he was not too happy at first, telling me "the Walter" would do it instead. That's his barber- so instead of "the barber", he calls him, "the Walter". To which I so nicely explained that mama can do it for free in the backyard- Hey, it's summer (almost) which means we can just chop it off instead of the oh, so cool fade.
Maybe I can learn to fade from youtube?

I splurged and for the first time of the season allowed the ice cream (junky pop) man. Yeah, I still think the spongebob staining is on the little guy.

Painting nails for the older girls.

Then tie dying tee shirts. This is our first time trying the multi-color kit from Walmart- we usually just go old school with the one pot, one color shirts. The results were pretty good, but we of course, have stained fingers.

Making cake for my daughter's Spanish country, Colombia for school. I would share the recipe, but this first one came out terrible and I had to make it again and it only came out mediocre.
It has crushed pineapple, coconut milk and mashed bananas and it was really moist almost too moist.

And the kids spent plenty of time on the swingset that Nana bought many moons ago- always glad when the kids do something normal, like swing on swings.

It was a great weekend. Busy, but great. This is what I pictured as the kids got older- having a home where their friends could come and hang out or play.
God is good.

What did you do this weekend?

Pray for me- I am off to the aquarium with my son's kindergarten class- YIKES!

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  1. What a great weekend. I love it when my kids friends are over.

  2. You did so many activities that could lead to stained fingers. Sounds wonderful!

  3. Stole my heart..."The Walter"!
    Reading about your weekend made ME exhausted! lol
    You probably need another weekend after your weekend.
    Although, reading about all of your fun made me almost miss when mine were young...almost ;)


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