Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Love Wednesday (WILW)

Very Simple this week.
1. I love my BCBG black flip flops with black stones on the strap- I have a pair from last year I wear for around the house and a new pair I got for mother's day I wear for going out. Even wore them for church last week because I need new black sandals.
And the best part?
They were under $20 at Marshall's.

2. I am not usually a perfume girl, but my husband bought me Lancome Attraction awhile back and I love it.

3. My dream couch. Black. Leather. Tufted. Picture me sliding a sponge right down this baby to clean up whatever mess the kids have made. Not having to constantly wash cushion covers in the wash and pretending they are not completely faded! But, I think we'll keep the old ones until the kids are a little older. They so seem to enjoy ruining them.
One day the house will be perfect, the kids will be out and then...
Then come grandchildren.

What are you loving this summer?
Are you wearing flip flops or are you a barefoot girl?
I love to be barefoot, but alas, the husband really isn't into dirty feet.
Guess I can't blame him there.

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  1. I'm a barefeet girl all the way- especially in the summer.

    That couch is gorgeous! Definitely doesn't look kid friendly :(

    Visiting over from WILW. Hope you have a wonderful day! -Ally

  2. Hehe. My husband is the same way. I love being barefoot in the yard but he gets grossed out. He isn't even into flip-flops. So I just wash my feet LOL.
    I just bought the most comfy ones from Lands' End on sale for $14.99 in bronze and another pair in white. Love them.


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