Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I Love Wednesday (WILW)- Blogs

Well, it goes without saying, that I love the blogs on my sidebar and will read and comment on their posts often. They are all really great ladies. Some I know personally and some I don't, but feel like I do.

But there are some blogs that I check often, that I really look forward to reading, and they are not on my sidebar. So, today I want to do WILW- Blog Edition.
Here are my top 5:

Take Heart
by Danielle Burkleo
Danielle is a fellow New Yorker, but I don't think she lives on Long Island.
She has 2 boys, loves the Lord and her husband and makes awesome yarn wreaths!

Gussy Sews
by Maggie Whitley
Now I know you know Gussy and we all love her bags. But I love her sweetness. She is always doing fun stuff and I go on her blog a lot for giveaways.

The Pleated Poppy
by Lindsey Cheney
Lindsey has a great shop and makes really cool things. I so want one of her notebook covers. She has 3 kids and really seems to enjoy life- she also does "What I Wore Wednesday" and one day when I am feeling uber confident, I will link up.

Aisle to Aloha
by Lindsay
Lindsay is a military wife and lives in Hawaii. Enough said....
She has a great sense of style and paints. Very fun to read!

Pink Lemonade
by Paige
I can't forget my favorite 15 year old, home schooled, entrepreneur who blogs and has her own etsy shop. She is fun, inspirational and does giveaways.

Give me a link to your favorite blog.


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  1. These are some of my favorites, too! I also really like Dear Lillie, Joy's Hope and yellow songbird.


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