Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weight Loss

I definitely didn't plan on writing this post tonight. I was just gonna share some pictures of what we have been up to this weekend.
And then 2 things happened:
I am changing my blog a little and have decided to go back and label all my posts. I do not label, but always seem to appreciate when others label.
And I found an old post. I was complaining that I was 155 pounds almost 2 years ago.
I would pretty much give my eye teeth (that's the saying, right?) to be 155 pounds right now.
What happened?

So, I thought on that for awhile and then something told me to hit the "next blog" button on the top of my blog- I've only done that about 2 times in the whole time I've had a blog.
But, I felt like sitting for a bit and reading some blogs and let's face it people, no one is blogging this weekend, it's too nice outside.

I hit "next blog" and wham-o!
A diet blog with a woman who has 6 kids and made it her goal to lose weight.
She has pictures of herself and shares in detail exactly what she has done to drop the weight. And she looks great!

I wanted to share the blog with you, in case you were interested yourself.
Click here.

And once again, I ask, who's with me?
anyone have some tips?

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  1. I need to get back on the weight loss bandwagon! Protein, protein, protein...make sure you are getting enough protein to burn fat. I know I have been skimping on that and it shows for sure.

  2. okay,make a big pot of brown rice at the beginning of the week, with very little salt, and a little olive oil. Good carb in the way of fiber. Throw in black beans ( and garlic if you have energy).
    We eat this by the bowl full with "clean tomato sauce - aka no high fat or sugar.
    Cottage cheese is high protein and low fat ( get Breakstones, its so much better) Eat fruit and any raw veggie that convenient.
    I think that's the real'll eat what you can reach for quickly.

    Personally, I think you always look great!

  3. Okay...not too many tips here. But I try to eat 100 calories for every hour I'm awake. So if I wake up at 6am and stay up until 9pm (my normal schedule), I can eat 1500 calories. Of course I would also prefer being the weight I weighed 2 years ago (or 8 years ago!). Ha!

  4. I stumbled upon your site and now I'm your newest follower!
    That's great that you're committing to losing the weight. I have a few pounds to lose too, and I've just started my program about 10 days ago. So far, it's going great!! You asked for tips ... and I've certainly got one!! Diets don't work. They take way too much willpower, which frankly most of us just don't have! (I know I certainly don't!!) I've learned that you can actually lose weight using audio hypnosis downloads. Sounds a little crazy, I know! But I'm using it now and it's working amazing!! It's totally changing my perception of food. I've been writing about it on my blog ... check it out ...
    Hope that helps!
    Ro :)


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