Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Got Pets!

We got hermit crabs! I completely caved when my son told me he was having pet day and didn't have a pet.
Then my daughter said a lot of the kids in her class had a puppy. Well, you know, that was happening in this house.
But, I wanted to get them something.
So, we got hermit crabs. The guy was really nice at the pet store as I spent a ton of money on the supplies. What was I thinking? The kids are excited.
But, I don't know anything about hermit crabs.
Do you?

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  1. Cousin Li had Hermit crabs! All I remember is that we put the next size up empty shells in their tank in case they needed a bigger shell...much better than hamsters, thats for sure!

    Any names yet?

  2. How fun! I don't really know anything about hermit crabs....sorry I'm no help.

  3. Li says they love peanut butter! And don't be scared when they molt lol

  4. So fun! I had a hermit crab when I was a kid... loved it. :) It was really cool when he switched shells.

  5. My daughter brought home a hermit crab during winter break her freshman year of college. It never went back to the dorm but found its new home with us. All I remember doing is giving it some water, food and bigger shells for it to climb into. I do remember it being pretty easy to take care of.

  6. Hello! I have been reading your blog for awhile but not commented until now. My son has hermit crabs and I do know that they are social animals and it's best if you have at least two. Get dechlorinator for their water, chlorine is toxic. Definitely have a few bigger shells so they can shed the old and have a new home. They don't eat much at all, just give them a pinch or two of hermit crab food and provide them with almost any produce but especially finely chopped romaine, mashed banana, and yes they adore peanut butter. Our hermies will pop his head out of his shell when we hold him next to a dab of peanut butter and they eats it right off the spoon! When holding them always do it over a soft surface especially with little children because the kids sometimes get startled when he comes out and they may drop him. Hermies are afraid of falling also so tell the kids he isn't meaning to pinch but trying to grab on for safety. Miit them once a day and please get a much smaller sponge for the bath, he needs to get in there to keep his body moist and to drink, We the sponge and again use dechlorinated water. THey love to climb so a piece of wood or a hermie toy to climb on is good too. Our hermie is always in the top of his toy palm tree. They are nocturnal!!No real way to tell boy from girl but don't worry they will not have babies if you mix them because conditions can not be duplicated like they are in the wild. Enjoy your new little friend, sorry I wrote a book here!
    Laura in NY

  7. Sorry for typos! They EAT it right off the spoon. MIST them once a day. Also when they get ready to molt they will bury in the sand and stay there for sometimes several weeks, do not disturb them as it is a very stressful time for them.


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