Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Set-up and Giveaways I've won!

So, I have changed around some things.
What do you think?

And I have a new blog button that I love.
Did I do it myself you might ask?
I asked Mrs. Mandy England to do it.
And now you can too.
She is now offering her extremely creative blog services with us!
Thanks so much Mandy for organizing my blog- I love all the space- wish you could hit up my closets next. wink ;)

Mandy has a great blog where you can read tutorials and devotionals and make sure you keep up with that growing baby girl in her belly that we can't wait to see.
So check out her blog and her shop (great things in there as well)!

Who doesn't know that I love a great blog giveaway?
Well, I have entered a bunch over the last 6 months and won some really cute things that I wanted to share with you.

This beautiful bracelet with leather and rhinestones from MaddyNbella.

This adorable tie onesie by Blueberry Bee that I gave to a friend with an adorable son.

This sweet headband for my daughter from The Snootie Pig.

An adorable owl phone case in lavender suede and felt from Ashlee's Boutique.

This awesome NYC print from Chic Geek Designs!

Thanks everyone for the great giveaways!
I LOVE free stuff!

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  1. Thanks Rachel! :) And WOW... you've been quite the winner recently!! It's always fun getting free stuff in the mail! :)


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