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What I Love Wednesday {wilw}- BATHROOMS

Hi Gussy Sews Readers! I posted this awhile back, but when Gussy said the prompt was bathrooms, I knew I needed to link to this post. Hope you like my ideas!

We have 2 small bathrooms in our house and both of them need to be re-done not for cosmetic purposes, but for structural problems. One needs to definitely be done before the other. My problem is I don't know when they will be done, but when the husband is ready to do them, I better be ready with what I would like in them. (Not much of a problem, is it?)

So, I have been combing through google images to find things I like. (I tried Pinterest and weheartit, but I am not quite sold on those sites yet)

I love black and white and I love how this sink is off the ground, but probably not too practical because I need to dump a lot of stuff underneath my sink- blow dryer, extra soap, extra shampoo, conditioner, make-up, the box of q-tips- I am sure you get the idea! What about black and white polka dots- my fav- is that too modern for a not so modern house?

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I always say I want to do a fun bathroom for the kids and this one is cute, but will I get bored of it?

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This is the size of one of my bathrooms, and I love the green and the shower curtain and the white, but still need the cabinet under the sink!

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And I love the tile in this one. I would love to tile the whole bathroom, floor to ceiling - with a drain in the floor and whenever I had to clean the bathroom, I would just hose it down! This one is pretty and even though I love the sunburst, I don't think it would quite cut it, in a house with kids.

Which one is your favorite? Do you love your bathroom?
What does it look like?

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  1. Great ideas.....
    My 2nd floor bathroom has an old clawfoot cast tub that I would love to get rid of. While it may be great with the "romantic" side of decorating it has a very high side & frankly I never use it. The whole bathroom is very functional but it hardly ever gets used other than for nighttime treks or when we have company.
    The 1st floor bathroom is very small but effecient. I would love to take out the tub/shower & just install a wheelchair accessable shower. DH & I are at that age now where, hey, you never know. Plus it is a good selling feature if need be.
    I think that the main things like the sink, toilet, tub/shower & cabinets should be standard. Then there will be no regrets later of a FAD purchase. You can always use color to keep it up to date!! JMO!!
    Good Luck....

  2. My favorite one is the 3rd picture down - the green and white. I like that look because it's classic but with modern touches. I know what you mean though about needing the practicality of under the sink cabinets.

    It's funny that you did this post today because later on today I'm going to do a post about one of the finished projects in my house - our upstairs bathroom. Great minds....

  3. oooh I love the last one. it has that retro vintage feel.... love it! Here too from WILW! hugs bonitarose

  4. I like the green bathroom but I think I might get tired of the color quickly. The last picture I love the color of the tile and the shower curtain. I am kind of a beige/brown girl. As my daughter would call me very vanilla. I have one bathroom that is a beach theme. My favorite place on earth and the other I don't know what color you would call it. It needs a redo but I am just not interested right now. I will have to take a picture some time.

  5. oh my goodness, how are you NOT sold on Pinterest?! I love Pinterest. I don't think there's a thing in the world you can't find on there :) We also have two really small bathrooms and I have been searching for great ideas to spruce up small spaces.

  6. We only have one small bathroom, but if the kids had their own I would love to do a fun theme for them. Love your idea of hosing the whole thing down :)

  7. I really love that 3rd bathroom, with the green. So pretty! :)

  8. I love love love the black and white one! I have no closets or cabinets in my bathroom in my tiny little apartment so i compromise. The answer to all my problems? Baskets lots of pretty baskets under the sink on book shelves on bed side tables! I would love to have closet space but with only one tiny closet I really have to work on not acquiring too much stuff!!

  9. Okay, my vote is def. the green one!
    That green with white fixtures looks fresh, good for boys and girls and 2 or more sets of different colored rugs, towels etc( maybe a turquoise set and a deep brown set) would keep it from getting boring. The shower curtain could have all three colors.
    Black and white is fun for a while but when you put all your "real life" stuff in it, it can get scary.
    And def a vanity, especially with kids.

  10. I like the colors of the green one!


  11. I love all those ideas. My favorite was the black and white, but the green was really fun too. What caught my eye was the last picture and how they split the shower curtain in too. That is now on my idea list!

  12. That third one is my favorite - love the colors and the starburst :) Stopping by from Gussy!

  13. I love the idea of being able to hose it all down:) I think the great thing about bathrooms is that it's small enough (usually) that as long as you pick classic tile that you won't tire of, you can change paint and accessories pretty easily. That way as soon as you're bored, you can make quick changes to switch it up!

  14. These are really great, colorful choices!


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