Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weight Loss- or Lack of....

my favorite - I have on a couple of occasions hid these in my drawers- crazy I know, but I believe in full disclosure.

I saw a couple of my favorite blogs posting about weight and here I am to share.
I remember after I had my first child (over 10 years ago) I weighed 138 pounds and I just couldn't believe it.
How could I get so big?
I am only 5'1".

Well, child, those days are long gone and all I think to myself is "I can't believe I thought I was heavy!!"

I have no idea what happened- I am in my early 30s- but bam- I gained weight and I don't even know when.

I seriously need to lose weight.

I have thought about joining WW again (I have been there before plenty of times)- I just can't see paying $10 a week for someone to tell me I lost weight.

But have I lost anything on my own?

I went for my physical and the doctor told me if I want to lose weight I can try anything with food, but I have to exercise.

I got standard blood testing and figured I def. have a thyroid problem.

The receptionist called and said everything was great.
Me- "No thyroid problem?"
Her- "No it's perfect."
Me- "Oh, so I can't tell my husband that I am heavy because I have a thyroid problem?"
Her- "You can tell your husband anything you want- I'll back you up."

Me- "Thanks"
But, of course, I can't lie....

Oh, let me tell you about the fall when I was sure I was one of those women who is pregnant and didn't know.
It's the TV show on TLC that made me think this.
I was so sure.
I didn't know how my husband would take it.

But, alas, I am not the pregnant lady that doesn't know she is pregnant, I am the crazy woman who watches too much TV.

I am the woman who eats when no one is looking and is laid back and likes to relax.

But today, I am the woman who is going to lose this weight by biking and walking and cleaning and constantly moving and eating less and not taking a second plate and I will not be a part of the clean plate club.

I will be healthy and excited about buying clothes and I will wear single digits again!!!
And I will wear a bathing suit that is not a "slimmer suit"!

Who's with me?

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  1. Well, you know I'm on board.

    I had to laugh because I could relate. Could it be the thyroid? Am I pregnant? Oh yeah. I've asked myself those same questions.

    Trying to lose weight is sooooo frustrating!

    But, I think you've got the right idea - biking, walking, moving - that's key. Now if I could just motivate myself to do those same things.


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