Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Don't you wear your S.W.A.T. helmet when you are out walking? Well, that's how we roll.

Literally, roll.

The little guy in the wagon and me with my walking shoes on.

This week, we noticed a lot of colorful houses.

Sometimes its a ton of cats, sometimes it is homes under construction and this time it was some funky paint colors!

I have shown this one before, but how about that yellow? YEOW!

Perhaps some mint green?

Or this color that looks reminiscent of the 80s? Maybe a play on teal?

And my forever favorite- lavender! Lavender with all the bells and whistles. This woman has yard sales all the time. Imagine the treasures inside?

And I love the flag- It says, "Yes, I live in America and I am able to put thousands of crazy things all over my yard because I like it that way!"

I think I might retire in this house.

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  1. LOVE that Lavender house. I want to walk all over the yard and look at everything she has!!!

  2. That lavender house is my favorite, don't ya know! :-)

  3. You are right interesting colors. What a great way to work on colors with your son. It's all about making it fun.

  4. If that yellow were a tad bit...softer... that would make for a really pretty house.

  5. The lavender is my fav too. I love your son's outfit, so darling!

  6. well, I dont think you could ever be grumpy in such a sunny yellow house!


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