Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No time to blog today..
It is just one of those days!
One kid not feeling well, one of those things when you don't know if they are still contagious and when the other kids are gonna catch it!

And if one more kid spills water today - I might lose it!
Only half kidding.

I can't get on top of this laundry.
I think the kids should just start wearing things dirty.

I am sure Laura Ingalls Wilder wore some stuff with stains on it.
I mean you can only wash so many things in a creek at a time, ya know?

I am a little cranky.
I have no tee shirts to wear.
Can someone explain why tee shirts now have spandex in them?
Not flattering- nuff said.
All that is left is a tee shirt with mario brothers or a snarky comment on it from Walmart.

I have been really unorganized in the food shopping area because I am so fixed on the coupon thing.
I finally found inserts for my coupon binder at Dollar Tree last weekend- but they are from dollar tree so they are cheap and flimsy- I'll let you know how that works out.
So, I am a that crazy point where I don't know what to cook and I am not sure if I even know how anymore!

And don't suggest meatloaf, because I tried.

No one commented on my mother's day post, which is ok, but I still keep checking it like someone might.
I know Get a life, TCM.
I hear ya.

I do have some ideas for posts, and I am not in a rut like this rambling chat suggests.
I guess I am lazy.

I want to change some things on my blog.
I took off blogfrog to change up my blog and added my etsy shoppe.
But, I really miss seeing who has been visiting, so I might need to add it back.

Do you have any good blogs to suggest?
I need some new good ones to stalk.

Hope you are having a great day- I have to go and wash a load of towels from cleaning up all the water people are spilling.

Do I need to mention that we pay for water?
I told you I was cranky.

P.S.- today I gave my daughter who is allergic to nuts, cookies with walnuts in them- smart, right?
She is fine, she is really not allergic to walnuts in particular, but is not supposed to have tree nuts.
I'm batting a thousand people. (Not in softball- I still stink at batting there) :)

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  1. So you made me chuckle just a little. Your day today sounds a lot like I've been feeling lately. Let's see. I've got stuff to say about most of your things on here....Here goes...

    - I know! What is it with spilling water (or milk, or juice)? It seems like some days it's epidemic!

    - Laundry. I hear ya! Now that the boys are going outside to play a lot more I can't in good conscience have them wear the same pair of pants twice without washing them first.

    - The people who lived in the pioneer age amaze me. I do not know how they did it.

    - Tshirts. I just ordered 2 new tshirts (from Avon). I even ordered extra large. They must have been shrinky dink shirts. And, yeah, what's up with the spandex?! Give me cotton! It's much more forgiving.

    - Food shopping. I'm never all that organized in that area anyway. And, I'm really interested in hearing more about your couponing adventures!

    - Comments. I am checking my blog constantly for comments too. And, as much as I try to remind myself that the number of comments I receive doesn't matter it still is kinda like high school over valentine's day when you could send lollipops to people with a Valentine's greeting. And, some people got a gazillion lollipops and I sat there with only one (from my best friend) or worse, none. Anyway, maybe not the best analogy. But, I will be popping over to your mother's day post to read it.

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. That is a funny post. The coupon thing, I go through not know what to eat also. I get so fixed on buying what is on sale and what I can use a coupon for that I feel we really do not have any thing worth while to make.

    I get my t-shirts at JCPenneys they are only 6.00 and are 100% cotton. Love me some JCPenneys.

    The comment thing bothers me at times also.

  3. First, let me say to Karen, that lollipop story is sooo sad..I will be sad for you all day!

    Okay, ChattyMommy, you need to talk hubby into a pool..then let the kids swim in their clothes, fun for the kiddies..wash done!

    I guess thats why vintage women wore aprons? to protect clothing (or hide the stains) and to hide the non flattering shirts!

    Lets all get our aprons on!

    Pay each child 5 cents a meal to not spill and keep small canning jars at the table...sounds like bribery? ( too lazy to check sp.) Yup! Whatever works lol


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