Monday, May 23, 2011

Tests this Week and a *special request*

The kids have tests this week. Ya know, the kind you fill the little bubble in with a #2 pencil?
I received a letter telling me so a couple of weeks ago, but last week my son came home and told me all about these special tests he has to take. He said he would have to go to bed early, eat eggs for breakfast and that the teacher taught him to fill in the best answer if he couldn't figure out the problem.
Since this is his first time taking the test, he is a little nervous.

He said he is worried about the clocks. His teacher had assured him there wouldn't be a lot of them. When his sisters packed their sharpened #2 pencils, I packed him some too. The kind shaped like a triangle to help his little hands with his grip. He was too cute, but I felt bad for him.
He went to bed at 7:20pm last night in preparation and woke early to tell me today was test day.

He had an egg and sausage toast sandwich and was all set.
Please pray he has a good day.
He is so great to have a good attitude.
I hope it is not as hard as he thinks.
Do your kids have tests this week and when are they done with school?

Special Request
Check out this blog and read a touching story of a little girl named Albina who needs our help.

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  1. I will pray that your son has a great day even with all of these tests, and that he will do wonderful. What a great mommy to make him good food and get him prepared. My kids do not have tests this week.

    THANK YOU for spreading the word about the giveaway!! It truly blesses my heart. Albina needs a family and a grant fund so they can get her fast. Love, Cara

  2. My daughter is taking her first state test today as well. She informed me that she had to eat pasta last night and go to bed really early and that she deserved special treats for having to take the awful test!!
    I truly hope that both our children had an awesome day--as awesome as it could be.


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